What is Google One VPN?

What is Google One VPN?

VPN’s are the best source to hide your identity and explore the internet anonymously. Moreover, they help maintain our privacy without being tracked by any third-party services. Compellingly, Google now introduces its own VPN services termed as Google One VPN. Its services will be made available for Android, iOS, and a couple of other operating systems. In fact, its VPN service for Android has already started to roll out in the US, and soon it is expected to be released worldwide.

You are now just one click away from protecting your online privacy and security with Google One VPN. It ensures extra online protection, a service that can be trusted by users, a super swift performance, and a sleek and easy-to-use interface.

The Google VPN offers an extra protective layer by encrypting all your online activities. Besides, the brand Google itself is enough to assume its full potential and service trust.

How does Google One VPN work?

Google One VPN works in a very straightforward manner by creating secured tunnels to transmit your sensitive information. When you turn on the VPN service, it creates a fully encrypted tunnel which is secured by Google’s global servers.

Hence, whenever you transmit any information or data, it travels through the specific tunnels without being intercepted or modified by any third-party. It thus ensures absolute overall web protection without any compromises.

How to set up Google One VPN?

You can access the VPN service by Google through the Google One app. In order to get started with its full protection, follow the steps as stated below:

  1. Open your Google One app (update your app from the play store to get the latest version)
  2. On the Home tab, click on the label “Online protection with a VPN.”
  3. Tap on the swipe button to ‘Enable VPN.’ This will take you to another fresh page.
    What is Google One VPN
  4. Again, click on the Enable VPN option to instantly access its online protection services.
  5. Once Google One VPN starts working, you will receive a confirmation notification.

Google VPN Features

This VPN service from Google comes feature-packed. You can manage all your online data such as passwords, login IDs, bank credentials, and other stuff with no worries. Its overall protection contains the following highlighted features:

  • Absolute encryption for uninterrupted browsing, uploading, download, and streaming activities.
  • Hides IP addresses and prevents location sharing with unauthorized services.
  • Protects from unsecured networks and cyber attacks.

A few other perks of using Google One VPN service is Google will never peek into your browsing activities or log using its VPN network. Since the entire VPN connection is operated by Google, it is in the safe hands and also secured by their global servers.

Google One Membership Plans

Since the VPN service is an addon to Google One, to access it, you would have to purchase the Google One membership Plan. Now, Google One offers 4 different subscription plans, including the free one.

However, to gain full access to its VPN service, you must subscribe to the 2TB plan worth $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually. Remember, the VPN services are limited to the US only. But we can expect it to be released in other regions and with compatibility for multiple OS very soon.

Advantages of the 2TB plan

  • 2TB cloud-storage across Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail
  • VPN services for Android
  • Premium support on everything Google
  • 10% cashback on Google Play Store
  • Option to add more family members
  • Sessions with Google experts
  • Gold Status on Google Play points

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