Samsung Galaxy OneUI 3.0 – Eligible Devices and Release Date

Samsung has turned the game around when it comes to the software on their smartphones. Before we used to have Touchwiz which had a fair share of issues. But now with OneUI, things have changed for the better. Currently, Samsung is working a lot on their software, and it is evident with their recent versions of OneUI. OneUI is not exactly a clean stock Android experience, but it is well optimized for Samsung phones.

Now when it comes to updates, Samsung does take good care of their premium offerings, but that is not always the case with the lower-tier phones. Samsung promises two-year updates for their phones, and sometimes they miss out on updates for their lower-priced smartphones. Occasionally the lower-priced smartphone receives only one major update, and that is it. So what is it going to be with the OneUI 3.0? Which devices will receive the new Android 11 based OneUI 3.0 update? Let’s find out in this article.

OneUI 3.0 Expected features:

OneUI is Samsung’s take on Android, and ever since its inception, it has included all the best things from Android and added an extra bit of Samsung’s features. Most of these additional features are exclusive to Samsung devices, and loyal Samsung fans do appreciate what the company does for them. Now there will be an improvement in terms of performance through smooth transitions between apps, lesser bugs, and overall faster and snappier experience.

But for the features, as of now, we can be sure we will see the essential elements of Android 11 and whatever Samsung offers additionally with OneUI 2.0. What new Samsung features will come to OneUI 3.0? No one as of now has any information on that. That will be clear once the Stable version officially launches in October.

What’s new with Android 11?

The developer version of Android 11 is out, and many OEMs have even pushed out this update as a beta update for Android 11. Pixel was the first device to receive this new update. This new developer update did reveal a lot about what we will see in Android 11. We have listed the most notable features of Android 11 down below.

A better notification shade:

Now notifications will show up in proper categories in a much more organized manner. It will even show notification history in case you swiped away a notification earlier and you want to check it out later.

Better security in terms of permissions:

Now apps will only have limited access to location, personal information, camera and more. Android 11 will mean the end of “Allow all the time” setting for permission. Now the app will only have permission to access certain things in your phone, only while you are using the app.

Sending images from the notification shade:

Android made replying to texts on various apps possible right from the notification shade. But we can only type the text as of now. But with Android 11 we will even be able to send out images.

Bluetooth in Airplane Mode:

Now you will be able to use your Bluetooth earphones even when your device is on the Airplane mode. As more and more devices are losing the headphone jack, the ability to use Bluetooth in Airplane mode will come in handy.

Now besides these basic features, we will see better battery life with high refresh rate screens, better support for foldable and curved displays, headphone audio codec support and much more.

Samsung OneUI 3.0 Elgible devices:

This is not an official list by any means. Based on Samsung’s previous record with Android updates, we have compiled this list. We will have to wait till OneUI 3.0 officially launches later this year to see which of these mentioned devices do get the update. As of now, just take this list as an unofficial one.

Unreleased and New phones that will surely receive the OneUI 3.0 update:

Galaxy Note 20
Galaxy Note 20+/Ultra
Galaxy Fold 2
Galaxy Flip 5G
Galaxy Tab S7
Galaxy Tab S7+
Galaxy S20
Galaxy S20 5G
Galaxy S20+
Galaxy S20+ 5G
Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
Galaxy Z Flip
Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Fold 5G
Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
Galaxy Note 10+
Galaxy Note 10 5G
Galaxy Note 10
Galaxy S10 5G
Galaxy S10+
Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10e
Galaxy Note 10 Lite
Galaxy S10 Lite
Galaxy A Quantum
Galaxy A90 5G
Galaxy A71
Galaxy A71 5G
Galaxy A51
Galaxy A51 5G
Galaxy A01
Galaxy A11
Galaxy A21
Galaxy A21s
Galaxy A31
Galaxy A41
Galaxy M01
Galaxy M11
Galaxy M21
Galaxy M31
Galaxy Tab S6 5G
Galaxy Tab S6
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
Galaxy XCover Pro

Apart from these, there are some older devices should receive the update, but there is a chance that some of them won’t. The list mentioned below is the list of older mid-range and budget devices that may or may not receive the update.

Galaxy A10
Galaxy A10s
Galaxy A10e
Galaxy A20
Galaxy A20e
Galaxy A20s
Galaxy A30
Galaxy A30s
Galaxy A40
Galaxy A40s
Galaxy A50
Galaxy A50s
Galaxy A60
Galaxy A70
Galaxy A70s
Galaxy A80
Galaxy A8s
Galaxy A90
Galaxy M10
Galaxy M20
Galaxy M30
Galaxy M30s
Galaxy M40
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019
Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019
Galaxy Tab Active Pro
Galaxy Tab S5e
Galaxy Xcover 4s

Release date:

Now as for the release date, we can expect to see the stable version of OneUI 3.0 running on Samsung flagship devices first by the month of October. Then the other devices will follow suit in the following months.

So now you know which Samsung devices are eligible for the OneUI 3.0 update. If you have any queries with this guide, then comment down below.

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