PUBG Mobile 1.0 Launched | How to Download the New Era Update

After years avoiding around the 0.X.X forms, PUBG Mobile is at long last out of what might ordinarily be known as a beta. Despite the fact that there’s a different beta branch with each past update. It’s a flawed advancement practice that is not very extraordinary nowadays. Despite the fact that it sure is confounding! Permit us to unwind this jumble a tad with our manual for download the New Era update for PUBG Mobile.

Fortunately, the most confounding stuff is all in the past at this point. With the large 1.0 update, Tencent’s monstrous fight royale title has turned up at ground zero by at last adjusting the guide it dispatched with in 2018. Erangel 2.0 is here, out of beta. Here’s the means by which you can play it.

A New Era – How to Download PUBG Mobile 1.0

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take that excitement down a notch. You can’t just tap your PUBG Mobile icon and launch straight into Erangel 2.0. You’ll just land back on 0.19.0 and see nothing but timeout messages when you go to join a match.

Smaller updates — like 0.18.5 — are delivered through the game itself. That means all you need to download the update is to fire up the game as you normally would. The game will then grab the new files and apply the update as it boots and logs you in. That’s the easy part!

Larger updates — like this one — are too big to handle that way. They need to be approved by Google and Apple before going live on their app stores. That means to download PUBG Mobile 1.0, iPhone users need to update the game manually through the app store. Meanwhile Android users may need to jump through a couple extra hoops, depending on their current situation.

For the vast majority of players, updating the app through the Google Play store should be the only issue. For others, it depends where you tend to get your games from. Samsung owners might want to hit up the Galaxy App Store. Whereas power users or those without access to Google services (on newer Huawei devices, for example) need to check out a side-loading platform, download the game directly from the PUBG Mobile site, or hit up online app repositories like APKPure for a game file they can manually install.

Chances are, if you install the game in one of these convoluted, more advanced ways, you’ll know how to update already; so just go about your business.

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