Pakistani Students Develop an AI-powered Photo Editor App


Two students in their second year of university at SEECS, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) have developed an AI-based photo editor for all your selfie needs.

Blur Photo

The app, named Blur Photo, was developed by two students Zain and Abdullah during their second-year undergraduate studies at SEECS. The AI-powered editing app focuses on retouching and fine-tuning photos with minimal input from the user. It can easily enhance your photos with a few simple touches.

The app can automatically detect eyes and other facial features, and apply different changes accordingly. You can apply background blur to your photos with just a single tap and even adjust the level of bokeh you want. There are various beauty filters for quick edits as well.

The app gained a lot of popularity thanks to the features that it has borrowed from DSLR cameras and what’s more, is that those features can be used with ease, especially for new users, since the layout of the app is kept as simple as possible while providing a wide range of features to choose from.

About the project

Both students have launched a startup that is backed by the Technology Incubation Center at NUST, called The startup aims to develop more applications like this one. Ones that fully utilize the capabilities of our smartphones and can provide much better photo editing tools.

Their featured application, Blur Photo has so far amassed over 100k+ downloads on the Play Store and stands at a 4.3 rating.

Speaking about their startup, Zain said: is a mobile technology startup specializing in deep learning-related products. Our goal is to move forward mobile photography to the next level using neural networks, deep learning, and computer vision techniques. We aim to create new ways for people to express their emotions through the camera. 

The startup has also enjoyed global success by getting selected at various incubators and accelerators around the world including the Block 71 Incubation Center in Singapore. They are also active members of various technology programs such as IBM Business Partner World and Nvidia AI Inception.

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