Oppo Find X2 Pro Hands-on: Super-smooth but super-samey?


The Chinese brand Oppo might not be a household name in the West, but devices like the Find X2 Pro could potentially help change that thanks to a mix of impressive specifications and super-smooth performance.

Oppo more or less burst on to the scene in most enthusiasts’ eyes with the original Find X back in 2018. It was a genuinely revolutionary product, with a design that helped push smartphone design forward with an all-display body and almost no bezels of note.

What really defined the Oppo Find X was the sliding camera module, that housed the front and rear-facing camera setup. It still elicits a response that very few phones can, with a design that although with some durability issues, really felt like a step into sci-fi smartphone territory.

Not to mention, it also included the first secure 3D face unlock on an Android phone — something that few have managed effectively since 2018 except for Google’s own Pixel 4.

Okay, so without gushing any further, the original was a real head-turning smartphone, but it really puts the long-awaited follow-up in a difficult position. Is this a worthy follow-up or has Oppo just fallen in line and made a “solid” smartphone. We’ve gone hands-on to give you our first impressions.

Design & Hardware

oppo find x2 pro display

There is no denying the quality of the hardware package here, especially in the Orange Vegan Leather finish. The biggest downside is that the original did set such a high bar at the time, which is hard to follow. The fit and finish of the Find X2 Pro is exceptional, it looks and feels great when held and clasped.

At the back, the new camera module is striking in its own way. No, it doesn’t pop-up, it’s fixed along the upper left side and is quite sizable. It manages to “wow” in a different way because it’s so big.

Having a soft-touch Vegan leather backplate is also a nice touch, although it’s technically plastic made to feel like leather. It’s actually nice to hold a phone that feels premium but isn’t using glass front and back, it’s for that reason I feel a case might not be all that necessary in the long run.

Of course, the 120Hz QHD+ AMOLED display is the star of the show this time around, and I must admit, I haven’t used many better displays than this period. Measuring at 6.78-inches, it’s a beast to handle but it enhances every interaction and just makes you want to touch and use the Find X2 Pro.

Overall I must admit that the design isn’t particularly inspired but it’s in keeping with the rest of the industry at this stage of 2020. Make no mistake, this is a premium handset that goes toe-to-toe with the likes of the Galaxy S20 and the iPhone 11 series.

Software & Performance

My previous experiences with ColorOS have been brief and very disappointing. ColorOS 7.1, however, is actually pretty fantastic. During your initial startup process, the added theming option is a nice little touch that I’d like to see more OEMs adopt.

The pre-release software had no notable flaws, except for the odd issue with the third-party Lawnchair launcher. Everything feels exceptionally smooth, with scrolling and swiping being particular highlights.

Gaming will no doubt be a big draw, and there’s no denying that titles like Call of Duty Mobile and Asphalt 9 look sublime and run like a dream. With the 120Hz refresh rate, the Find X2 Pro just feels a step ahead of the competition thanks to that extra slick feeling when you interact with every aspect of the OS and supported apps.

Another big bonus is that by having 512GB of base storage, it means that hoarding files and data has no impact on your overall experience too — something that becomes a worry on some other flagship devices.


I haven’t had as much time with the camera as I would have liked but so far, the results are impressive and the hardware should be more than capable in a variety of scenarios. The 5x optical zoom is still as impressive to use as it was on the Reno 10x Zoom Edition. Despite the degradation in quality, the 60x digital zoom is good fun to play around with but results are pretty horrendous.

I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into the camera over a longer period but so far it looks as though the Oppo Find X2 Pro will have a proper competing camera option to the likes of Samsung et al.


oppo find x2 pro battery

A “3K” display even at 60Hz is bound to be a thirsty inclusion, but to add 120Hz is like throwing gasoline on a bonfire where battery life is concerned. With a 4,260mah battery, I was not certain that the Oppo Find X2 Pro would be able to manage when display settings were maxed out.

Despite my initial fears, the first few days have been a breeze. I’ll have to really start putting the device through its paces over the next couple of weeks really be sure of its consistent lifespan. Right now though, it manages admirably and I’m usually ending the day with around 20-30% leftover.

The SuperVOOC charge speed at 65W is the fastest I’ve personally tried on a smartphone — and wow is it fast. The lack of wireless charging is a disappointment, and not to be glossed over — especially as the Oppo Find X2 Pro will start at around €1,199 or approximately $1340. A premium smartphone at this pricepoint should really have the option.

Although, with SuperVOOC you can go from 0% to 100% in under 45 minutes, which is insane in practice. I’m not sure what this will do to the overall lifespan of the Find X2 Pro, but like with other ultra-fast charging solutions, it means that the overnight charge process is not as necessary.

Initial verdict

After a few days using the Oppo Find X2 Pro as my main device, I can unequivocally say that 120Hz displays are worth the hype. It’s slick, smooth, and really elevates the overall experience. It doesn’t feel like the same type of device that the original was though. You’d have to say it’s more of a standard smartphone affair rather than a unique tech trinket.

There’s no denying that the Find X2 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra share some traits. Oppo looks to have tackled the Ultra with a proper premium rival that gives you just about everything you would expect from a 2020 flagship in a reasonably attractive package.

We’ll save judgment for our full review in the coming weeks, but as it stands, the Find X2 Pro could be a real contender for your cash at this early stage of the year — region availability permitting.

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