How To Uninstall unwanted apps in Realme devices without Root – 2020


It is an expensive aspiration and providing product for the young and recently at the starting of 2020 it has declared uses a strategy of Smartphone+ AIoT it named as dual driven. In a year the company stands in the rank of 7th and the growth rate is also high and globally these mobiles are using. The DNA of real me is Young Stylish Real Outstanding.

The company mission provides a good experience and also employee satisfaction with customer satisfaction. The company can welcome a partner who wants to be and also let happier by the technology of beauty and want to become a sustainable enterprise.

Real me producing smartphones, TV’s, Accessories.

List of mobiles, Accessories

  1. Realme x3 super zoom and x3
  2. Realme Narzo 10a
  3. Real-me Narzo 10
  4. Real-me 5 PRO and 5
  5. Realme 6 and 6 PRO
  6. Realme 5i
  7. x2 and x2 pro
  8. Realme c2 and c1
  9. Realme U1
  10. Real-me 3 pro and 3
  11. Real-me 2
  12. Real me 3i
  13. Real me x50 pro


  • Buds Q
  • Adventure Backpack
  • Smart tv
  • Watch
  • Buds Air Neo
  • Power Bank with 10,000 mah
  • Band
  • Buds Wireless
  • Cases

As they are serving the products and they created the separate store also in which they provide with secure payment and cash on delivery and service online.

Real me e-waste management

It is a program the products can have “end of life” many of products can be re-cycled then this waste management collect the products from the customer and disposed in an eco friendly and from that, they extract the aluminum, copper, silver, gold and so on… It contains hazardous chemicals because of that they can be dismantled every part of the product and then they see the possibilities of reuse and then they reduce the amount of gas of greenhouse which is an emission of caused in the manufacturing products.

The real me telecommunication of India has partnered with a recycling company that is 3R recycler and it is authorized by the HSPCB and the main aim of recycler is to protect the environment in a good manner.

We have pros and cons of this waste management


  • While handling the gadget then we should look for the information about end of life
  • Make sure the recyclers have an identity to handle the products
  • Don’t take action reached the end of life products make a call and arrange a service to disposal
  • Whenever the products reached to end of life drop the products to an authorized e-waste collection point.
  • Make sure the product to disconnect to the battery to against the breakage


  • on own don’t dismantle the electronic products
  • Don’t throw any electronic item into the dustbin
  • Don’t give the informal or unauthorized e-waste dealer or local scrap dealer
  • Don’ dispose of the products in the bins reaches to landfills then it may produce chemicals to out
  • When the product discards then we have to follow RRR that means to reduce, reuse, recycle is applied
  • Every product has an average life that is 5 years
  • When the customer dispose of the products with e-waste management program then we can get an appreciation of certificate through email within 30 days from this we can reduce the hazardous chemicals and also protect the environment

Uninstall unwanted apps in Realme Devices

To Uninstall unwanted apps in Realme Devices we have requirements that are a mobile phone and laptop.

  • Firstly we have to go settings and then go to about phone click on the version by 7 times then become a developer mode and then go to additional settings there we can see developer mode click on that and then turn on the USB debugging.
  • After we have to install the ADB Tools & Platform tools in the system
  • and open the file and then press shift and right-click on the mouse and we can see the open windows power shell.
  • opening the software then we have to connect the mobile to laptop with USB
  • After connecting we have to type in the power shell that is ADB devices
adb devices
  • it will show you the list of devices attached when we don’t on the USB debugging then it will show the unauthorized device is attached make sure on the USB debugging.
  • After that, we have to type as ADB shell after typing we can see the device model
adb shell
  • we have to another command that is pm uninstall –user 0 package name (In that package name we have to write app name)
realme app unistall command
  • also we have to install the app in the mobile that is package names. In that app, we can see the package name under the app name we have to enter that instead of the package name

Example: pm uninstall –user 0 com.heytap.browser

  • then press enter then we can see in the mobile then we can look that which app wants to delete that app will be deleted. From this, we can easily delete unwanted apps without being the root of the mobile.
  • If we want those delete apps we can install from the play store or else from below command. This is the whole process of removing unwanted apps from the Realme mobile phone.

Example: cmd package install-existing com.heytap.browser

Default Apps – Package Name:

App market ➡️

▫️ Browser ➡️ com.heytap.browser

▫️ Music ➡️

▫️ Video ➡️

▫️ Calculator ➡️ com.coloros.calculator

▫️ File Manager ➡️ com.coloros.filemanager

▫️ Heytap Account ➡️ com.heytap.usercenter

▫️ Heytap Cloud ➡️

▫️ Game space ➡️ com.coloros.gamespaceui

▫️ Theme store ➡️ com.heytap.themestore

▫️ Search box ➡️ com.oppo.quicksearchbox

▫️ AR Core ➡️

▫️ Clone phone ➡️ com.coloros.backuprestore

▫️ Smart screen ➡️ com.coloros.assistantscreen

▫️ Oroaming ➡️ com.redteamobile.roaming

▫️ Compass ➡️ com.coloros.compass2

▫️ Weather Service ➡️

▫️ Weather ➡️ com.coloros.weather2

Download All Command for remove unwanted apps from Realme UI – Download

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