How to uninstall apps on Xiaomi devices without Root


Xiaomi, which is now ruling the Indian market because of its quality products in a relatable very cheaper prices. Xiaomi, founded by a group of 15 people and headed mainly by Lei Jun and Lin Bin, was launched on 6th April in Bejing, China and it launched its first mobile phone, MI-1s in august 2012. It was first launched on 15th July 2014, in India. It didn’t take a lot of time to win the Indian hearts and within the next half-decade, almost every Indian house had at least one Xiaomi phone.Uninstall apps on xiaomi devices.

How to uninstall apps on xiaomi devices without root -2020

The phones are also good for gaming purposes. They have high sensor qualities with water drop or square notch. Each and every sub-brand of Xiaomi comes up with a number of varied features. None to be complained by any. All the sub-brands, under their main brand name Xiaomi, sustained their quality throughout. Starting with a single camera, as in MI-1s, then to dual cameras and finally to triple and now even quad-camera, 5000 mah battery, etc, these few features are just enough to catch hold of the interest of the audience. The way they display their abilities of each of their sub-brands and their respective phones, creates a kind of FOMO amongst the people which means, the Fear of Missing out.


However, despite its varied features, smart look, sunning mah battery, good quality camera, memory, processor, display, pixels, specialized securities like fingerprint sensor, face lock, unlock code, unlock pattern, and a lot more, the brand set few feature by default in its mobile phones. There are a number of application preinstalled by default in Xiaomi’s mobile phones which could not be deleted or uninstalled in any form.

These kinds of apps are not really useless but might not be wanted by a mass of people. A lot of people try to go back to the shop od the care centre regarding this problem. However, there are no apparent solutions provided by them. It is not really true that they can’t help out within the uninstallation process but the fact remains, they are not supposed to help customers remove the already installed apps by default.

Uninstall apps on xiaomi devices

There are a few hacks or tips enlisted below which will help you uninstall apps on xiaomi devices:

  • Before you could do anything with the apps, the first thing you need to do is go to the settings of your phone. Then find the MIUI version amongst the options and tap it for around 7 times. After which you will receive a notification saying, “you are now a developer”.
  • Next, head towards the additional settings. There scroll and look for the developer option. There, find the USB debugging mode and enable it. Then connect your phone with your computer using a USB cable. Here, you come to an end with your phone’s job.
  • Now, coming towards your computer, you are required to download 3 applications in your personal computer which are- first,  Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools from a java file, which you will find in the website page itself. Download the application and bring it to the desktop of your personal computer.
    1. Java For Windows
    2. Xiaomi ADB/FAstboot Tool
    3. ADB driver Installer
  • After you have downloaded the Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools, you are then required to download the second most important application in this regard– Java. Without this application, your Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools, won’t operate. Install this application and bring it to the desktop page of your computer.
  • Now that you have downloaded Java, your Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools, can be operated now. Double-tap on the Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools 6.2.3 application to open the tab. Here, in a while, you will be able to find your phone detail on your computer using the application. Again the bootloader shall be unlocked, else you won’t be able to operate it and make any changes.
  • At the left top corner of this tab, you will find your phone details such as serial number, codename, bootloader status etc.
  • Now in the main large page, you will find ADB and Fastboot options. In the ADB section, you will find all the apps installed in your mobile phone.
  • Select the applications that you would not love to have in your phone anymore and uninstall them.
  • By chance, if you think you have uninstalled any application by mistake, then you can always go back to the uninstalled apps option and reinstalled the apps that you want.
  • This is the easiest and the simplest way to handle your own mobile phone’s management yourself.
  • You can use these techniques for any Xiaomi mobile phone be it the Miseries, Pocco series, Redmi, etc.

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