How to Turn Off or Customize Notifications on iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch


Notifications for your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch can be available in handy, however, you don’t constantly need to be troubled through smartphone calls, texts, and all different forms of notifications. Whether you are busy or simply need a little quiet time, you could manage and disable notifications for your tool for unique contacts and apps.

Apple’s Do Not Disturb has lengthy been the very best way to show off notifications, however, the business enterprise has made over this functionality in iOS 15, iPad 15, and watchOS 8 with the addition of Focus. You can now extra easily manage notifications while you’re asleep or driving. There is likewise the capacity to install profiles in your private life and paintings existence.

Customize Do Not Disturb

software update

To take advantage of this feature, you ought to be running iOS 15/iPadOS 15 or higher. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. You’ll be instructed that the OS is updated or be prompted to download and set up the present-day update.

focus settings

To installation different options for Focus to your iPhone or iPad, visit Settings > Focus. Select the Do Not Disturb choice to save you smartphone calls, text messages, alerts, and different notifications from shooting up to your screen, creating noise, or vibrating your device.

do not disturb

Phone calls and text messages still arrive; you simply may not see or listen to any notification once they do. The Do Not Disturb display gives you some special options to tweak.

allow people

Your first mission is to decide which notifications are allowed to reach you even with Do Not Disturb growing to become on. Under Allowed Notifications, faucet the access for People. To permit notifications from particular contacts, tap the Add People button, then pick the contacts. Anyone you choose will seem withinside the listing below Allowed People. To remove someone from the listing, tap their icon’s minus sign.

allow calls

Tap the Calls From access to decide in case you need to permit calls from every one, no one, human beings you’ve special as Favorites, or all contacts. You may also need to show at the transfer for Allow Repeated Calls primarily based totally on the idea that a person who desires to attain you withinside the occasion of an emergency might strive to call numerous instances in a row.

allow apps

Return to the Allowed Notifications displays and tap the Apps heading. Tap the Add App button and pick any apps you want to receive notifications from while Do Not Disturb is enabled. Apps you pick will appear withinside the listing beneath neath Allowed Apps. You also canactivate the transfer for Time-Sensitive to permit app notifications marked as time-sensitive. Remove an app from the listingvia way of means of tapping the minus join up icon.

focus status

Under the Do Not Disturb menu, you could choose Focus Status to allow apps to inform people who try and touch you which you have silenced notifications. Enable the Share Focus Status transfer to allow this feature.

home screen

Open Do Not Disturb > Home Screen and permit Hide Notification Badges to cover notification badges from apps for your device’s home screen. Select a custom web page to pop up while Focus is becoming on.

lock screen

Under Do Not Disturb > Lock Screen, you can choose to dim the lock screen when Do Not Disturb is enabled and show silenced notifications.


Your closing choice is to show on an automatic schedule for Do Not Disturb, which turns on the function at particular times and locations, or when the use of sure apps. Open Do Not Disturb > Add Schedule or Automation and observe the steps to set this up.

Customize Focus for Driving

enable driving

Under Focus > Driving, switch on the Driving transfer to manually silence smartphone calls, texts, and different notifications while you’re driving. To permit notifications from unique people, faucet the People access and upload the important contacts. You also can permit calls from every one, no one, favorites, or all contacts, and allow repeated calls.

share focus status

Tap Focus Status and allow Share Focus Status below the Driving display to permit apps to inform people who touch you that notifications are silenced. Tap Auto-Reply to decide who needs to receive an automatic response while notifications are disabled. You also can compose a custom auto-respond message.

Under the Driving menu, faucet the While Driving choice to choose notifications while driving, while linked for your car’s Bluetooth, or manually. You also can prompt this mode while your iPhone connects with CarPlay.

Customize Focus for Sleep

enable sleep

Open Focus > Sleep and allow Sleep to manually disable notifications when you’re ready for bed. Tap People to allow notifications from particular contacts and set who can name you. Tap Apps to allow notifications from particular apps and enable Time Sensitive to allow any urgent notifications to reach you.

sleep settings

Go to Sleep > Focus Status and allow Share Focus Status if you want to alert folks who touch you that you’ve silenced notifications. Tap Home Screen to cover notifications badges for apps on your property display screen and install a custom web page to show while Focus is becoming on. Tap the Lock Screen to reveal silenced notifications at the lock display screen.


From the Sleep screen, enable Turn on at Wind Down to silence notifications at your wind-down period before you go to bed. Tap the Edit link to set your bedtime and wake-up hours for the next day. Tap Schedule and Options to set the hours for your regular weekday schedule.

Customize Focus for Work and Home


Open Focus > Personal to installation allowed notifications for a standard day at home. Tap Next to get started, then upload contacts who need to be allowed to touch you while Focus is becoming on. Tap Allow while finished. You also can upload any apps you need to allow, then tap Allow.

At the Personal screen, switch on the Personal transfer to manually set off this setting. You can then customise the Focus Status, Home Screen, and Lock Screen options.


If you’ve got unique work hours, open Focus > Work to installation allowed notifications all through paintings hours. You can upload specific contacts and apps which can be allowed whilst Focus is grown to become on. Enable this option via way of means of turning at the Work switch. You also can installation a Focus Status, home screen, and lock screen, or faucet Add Schedule or Automation to automatically turn the feature on at sure times or when you tour into your office.

Add Focus Categories and Share Settings


Tap the plus (+) icon withinside the top-proper corner of the Focus display in case you need to feature even extra classes for Focus. You can pick classes along with Fitness, Gaming, Mindfulness, or Reading. Select Custom to create your very own class and follow the steps to installation allowed human beings and apps. Under the listing of classes, you could permit Share Across Devices to store all of your Do Not Disturb and Focus settings throughout all of your different devices.

Enable Focus Categories

control center

You can easily get the right of entry to your Focus classes thru the Control Center for your device. Tap Focus, then tap a category, together with Work or Driving, to show at the settings you previously set up.

focus categories

For extra options, faucet the ellipsis icon on a selected class. You can then allow the Focus class for one hour, till a selected time, or till you go away from your current location. Tap Settings to view or alternate any of the settings for a class. You also can create a brand new class in case you tap the plus (+) icon at the lowest of the screen.

Enable Notification Summary

notification summary

You can further control your notifications in your iPhone or iPad beneath neath Settings > Notifications. Tap Scheduled Summary and allow the transfer to generate a summary of all of your notifications at a particular time. This may alsoallow calls, messages, and different time-sensitive notifications to attain you.

add apps

At the Choose Apps screen, you can add any apps for which you would like to see notifications in the summary screen. Select any apps in the list, then tap Add Apps to make your selection.

schedule summary

From the Set a Schedule screen, you may set a time for whilst you receive your notification summary. Tap the plus (+) icon to create extra summaries to be sent numerous times over the span of the day. Tap Turn on Notification Summary whilst finished.

From the Scheduled Summary screen, you can change the times, peek at the next summary, and add or remove apps from the summary.

Manage Notifications on Apple Watch

mirror phone

You can replace your Apple Watch with your iPhone. Open the Watch app, tap the My Watch tab, and open General > Software Update to put in any updates. Or try this without delay from the watch through Settings > General > Software Update; tap Install if a replacement is available.

Notifications on an Apple Watch are much less noisy than they’re on an iPhone or iPad. However, you could still save them from appearing, particularly if you are in a public location where you do not need to hassle different people. Your Apple Watch can mimic the Focus settings out of your iPhone, so enabling it in your iPhone will automatically enable it in your watch.

On your iPhone, open the Watch app. Swipe right all the way down to the General setting, and tap Focus. Make positive the choice for Mirror iPhone grows to become on. The great print under this selection shows that your watch takes at the equal Focus settings which you enabled in your phone.

apple watch

You also can enable sure options directly out of your watch. Swipe up to your watch face to get entry to the Control Center. You can then tap the half-moon icon to show on Focus mode, then pick out the unique class you need to activate.

If you select the bell icon, you could turn on Silent Mode, which silences notifications however still permits you to sense them thru the watch’s haptic-contact feature. Tap the comedy and tragedy masks icon to enter Theater mode, so one can enable Silent mode and dim the display.

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