How to Speed Up Windows 11 and Improve Performance


Windows 11 is a great operating system and works best if your system meets the recommended hardware. Well, it has a lot of new features and improvements compared to the existing features found in Windows 10. Overall, Windows 11 performs better and faster than Windows 10 – something that is expected of everyone for the OS. The speed gradually decreases with time and there are many reasons for this. Today’s guide is about how to speed up Windows 11 PC.

Everyone needs to have a system that works fast. There are several ways to build your Windows 11 PC. One way is to install better hardware and the other way is to improve the OS and adjust different settings. Depending on what kind of methods you choose to make your PC faster, you will still see some significant improvements. Sure, it won’t make it a very fast system, but it will at least prevent your system from crawling like a snail. However, you can read on your computer to learn how to speed up Windows 11.

How To Speed ​​Up Windows 11 PC

Uninstall bloatware and rarely used programs. When you buy a new PC or laptop, it is always nice to customize it to your taste. Now, there are many OEMs who will pre-install some apps. These may be random apps that you will never use. Sometimes, the Windows installation itself will install some apps and games that you will never use. These apps and games may be small, but they’re still eating up your storage space. The only good thing about these apps is that they can be uninstalled. You can follow this guide to learn how to uninstall apps on Windows 11 PC.

how to uninstall android apps on windows 11

Clear the system cache.

Your Windows 11 PC is designed to run at its best. One of the reasons for the slowdown is cash. Yes, the cache is good for a lot of programs like web browsers that help load data faster. However, accumulating cache files on your system can slow down your computer and eventually slow it down. Deleting or clearing cache files will help the system breathe a little better. You can check out our guide which shows you 4 different ways to clear cache files on your Windows 11 PC.

how to delete windows.old folder in windows 11

Defrag system drive

If hard drives are usually installed on your Windows 11 PC, it will work and it will work well. Systems with SSDs, however, do not need to defragment their drives because SSDs do not contain any mechanical moving parts. Defragmenting the drives means that you are asking the system to rearrange and rearrange your files without leaving any extra space between the files. You can defragment your Windows 11 hard drives using tools built into the system. We have a detailed guide on defragmenting your hard drives on Windows 11 PC.

How to Defrag Windows 11

Disable startup apps and programs.

If you are a person who uses a lot of app ads, they want, as soon as you start your system, you must have activated startup apps. Of course, this is good because it prevents you from manually opening the programs you need to use. Sometimes, there may be apps that enable you to start silently and when you turn on your system. You can disable these apps by running them at startup by following these steps.

how to speed up windows 11
  1. Launch the task Manager. You can do that by pressing the Windows and X keys.
  2. A context menu will show up near your Start button.
  3. Select Task manager from the menu.
  4. With the Task Manager open, select the startup tab.
  5. Over here, you will now see a list of all the programs that have been enabled to launch at startup.
  6. To disable a program from launching at startup, simply right-click the program and select Disable.
  7. And that is it. You do not need to restart your PC to let t the changes take place.

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