How to run Steam games in windowed mode


The Windows mode function in Steam can help users to play some old games on their computer which would not otherwise run. It is also useful for playing some games on a weak PC with high system requirements.

When launching some games, you may encounter errors such as out of bounds. This problem can be solved by running the game in window mode.


Other reasons to run the game in window mode may be to solve performance issues that occur when running the game in full screen mode.

In this article, we’ve listed various ways to run Steam games in window mode to help you solve performance issues and run legacy games.

Why should I run Steam games in windowed mode?

If you’re still wondering how Windows Mode can help you while playing your favorite Steam games, keep in mind that it allows you to move on to other tasks or multi-tasks without delay. ۔

Window mode is even better for using two displays. At most in full screen mode, the game is in window mode, but the borders and title bar are removed and the resolution matches your desktop.

Now let us know what steps you need to take to bring this feature to your screen.

How to run Steam games in windowed mode?

1. Check game settings

  • Launch the game you want to run in windowed mode.
  • Go to display/video settings.
  • Check if the game has display mode .
  • Click the dropdown menu and select windowed instead of full screen.
  • Save changes and restart the game.


Some games offer game settings that change the display mode. If your game has these game settings to change the display mode, you do not need to change the launch options to open the game in window mode.

Before moving on to the next steps, make sure you’ve checked the game settings and applied the changes.

2. Change Steam Launch Options

  • Click on Windowskey, enter Steam and open the first result.
  • Click ” Games ‘.
  • Выберите Browse the game library .
  • Right click your game and select ” <font><font>Materials</font></font> ‘.
  • Нажмите кнопку Set launch parameters .
  • A new window will open with an extended user warning.
  • Enter the following options to open the game in windowed mode.
    •  – window
  • Press OK to save changes and close the properties window.
  • Try launching the game and check if the game starts in windowed mode.
  • If not, open the Launch Options window again and enter the following options:
    • –window -w 1024
  • Press OK to save your changes.
  • The above setting will force the game to run in windowed mode at the set resolution.

Some games do not allow you to change video settings or switch between display modes. However, you can work around this limitation by changing the launch options in the Steam launch options.


3. Change game launch options

  • Right-click the desktop shortcut for the game and select ” <font><font>Materials</font></font> ‘.
  • In the window that opens, open the ” Label”.
  • You should see a field called Target. The target field contains the label’s original location with other options.
  • Add the following parameter to the end of the target after the quotes:  –windowed
  • Click ” apply “, then ” OK “To save your changes.
  • Launch the game using the desktop shortcut and it should open in windowed mode.

Changing the game’s shortcut properties and adding a window option should open the game in windowed mode.

If you still can’t open the game in windowed mode, try the following.

  • Launch the game you want to open in windowed mode.
  • Use the following keyboard shortcut while playing: Alt + Enter.
  • This should open the game in windowed mode.

While using the Alt + Enterkeyboard shortcut is more of a chore, it seems to have solved the problem for some game users.


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Playing some Steam games may allow you to resolve performance and incompatibility issues with the game. Follow the instructions in this article to run Steam games in window mode. Let us know which method works for you in the comments.

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