How to Remove Annoying Ads From Windows 11?


While there may be much to love about Windows 11, there are some matters Microsoft failed to get right, together with its persisted insistence on injecting ads into the working system. Like Windows 10 before it, boot up a brand-new Windows 11 machine, and ads will sooner or later pop up. Luckily, the brand new OS handiest calls for some settings tweaks to improve matters, in case you recognize where to look.

notification options

If you are seeing pop-ups simply above the Windows 11 taskbar, it is likely pc bloatware urging you to join something you do not want or reminding you about a feature you do not want. What those applications are known as will fluctuate depending on your PC’s manufacturer, however,you may take control of them beneath neath Settings > System > Notifications.

Take a look through the listing of notifications and see if the messages were coming from any of those entries. Windows 11 does a poor activity defining what every entry is for so that you may want to do an internet seek to discover more. For instance, running on a Dell laptop, I found that SupportAssist, Suggested, My Dell, and Partner Promo ought to all become off.

If you are sure your PC would not want a selected program, head to Settings > Apps > Apps & features and discover the software program in question. Click the three-dot menu for it and select Uninstall.

Stop Windows Tips and Suggestions

tips and suggestions

Beyond third-birthday birthday celebration installations, Microsoft may even serve up hints about how to complete putting in place your tool or pointers for the way to use positive features. If you do not need to peer those pop-ups, scroll to the lowest of the Notifications settings web page and uncheck Offer hints on how I can install my tool and Get pointers and hints once I use Windows.

Turn Off Notifications

disable notification

You also can take care of demanding pop-ups properly from the initial notification. Click the time withinside the bottom-proper corner and discover the ad you need to show off. Click the three-dot icon and choose to Turn off all notifications to disable ads for that piece of software.

Remove Ads From File Explorer

sync notifications

Microsoft even throws ads into File Explorer so as to speak up its OneDrive and Office 365 report sync services. To do away with them, open File Explorer and click on the three-dot icon withinside the top ribbon. Choose Options to open a conversation container and click on the View tab. Under Advanced settings, discover Show sync provider notifications and uncheck the option.

Disallow Personalized Ads

advertising id

Windows offers you a completely unique marketing and marketing ID inside the call of serving you extra applicable ads. Nix them thru Settings > Privacy & security > General. Disable the transfer subsequent to Let apps display me customized ads via way of means of the usage of my advertising ID.

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