How to Install iOS 14 LOOK IN ANY Android 2020

Why am I doing this? What does this mean?

Of course, your phone will not magically turn into iPhone 11 directly This software is iPhone 11 Android desktop is good, you can do many custom customizations for it
Install the desktop you want, there are many good desktop options but it is rare if it is good as well
Of course, it can still be useful for users who have just arrived from iOS

I’m used to iPhone 11 gestures, I want to use this gesture on Android To be honest I think this desktop is just for fun But someone asked me to see it so let’s take a look
As I said, a lot X mobile desktop Desktop OS14

Is it so scary? I thought these kinds of things couldn’t be done at all. It doesn’t matter, I’ll try the first search results. This software has 1 million downloads! Excellent! Turn your Android phone into iPhone 11 iOS 14 Control Center Notification bar for iOS 14 In addition, the multitasking interface of iOS 14.

Ok, install it first

iOS 14 LAUNCHER Of course, you must first see an ad.I’ve shown you an app before, you can, but overall it’s still very similar.First, choose a wallpaper, iOS-style wallpaper.
Just this one

“This software requires permission, please allow permission on the following interface”

X mobile desktop permission allowed Don’t worry I think this blast won’t last long but anyway try it first I’m going to grant permission again this time it’s notification permission To read your notice what is Barbara’s privacy? This may be a bad idea, no matter OK, there are instructions. Swipe down to search and swipe up from the bottom to open the notification center. Okay, great. Try swiping up first.


Swipe up Adjust brightness Glance Flight mode flash search Multitask Slip Multitasking seems normal well, a real iPhone 11 has joined the battlefield To enter the multitasking interface.

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