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Date:January 23, 2021

How to Fix Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot Turns off Automatically

Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot Turns off: Troubleshoot

Let’s start by turning off the power save feature that disables the mobile hotspot automatically.

Disable Power Saver for Mobile HotSpot

  • On the Windows 10 home screen, in the Type here to Search box type Mobile Hotspot
  • Click on Open when the Hotspot Shows up
  • Next, click on the toggle below Share My Internet Connection With Other Devices
  • Now, scroll down a bit and you should see a new option When No Devices Are Connected, Automatically Turn of Mobile Hotspot. It is set to On by default.
  • Click on the toggle to disable it or turn it off.

Now, even though you have no active hotspot connections, the Hotspot will not disable.

Use PowerShell Command to Keep the Mobile Hotspot Enabled

To keep the PowerShell enabled for all the time, you can also make use of PowerShell and issue a command for that.

  • Open command prompt by typing cmd in the box Type Here to Search
  • Once the command prompt opens up, then type the following command

powershell -windowstyle hidden -command “Start-Process cmd -ArgumentList ‘/s,/c,net stop “icssvc” & REG ADD “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\icssvc\Settings” /V PeerlessTimeoutEnabled /T REG_DWORD /D 0 /F & net start “icssvc”‘ -Verb runAs”

Disable Power Management of Network Adapter on Your PC

Some power-saving options are present under Network Adapter settings that you can disable. That will help to keep the mobile hotspot of Windows 10 on for all the time your PC is active.

  • On your Windows PC search box, type Device Manager > tap on Open to open it
  • Click to expand Network Adapter
  • Then right-click on Wireless Network Adapter [refer screenshot] > click Properties
    Make changes in the network adapter of Windows 10 PC
  • from the dialog box that opens, select Power Management
  • There will be an option with a checkbox beside it: Allow the Computer to Turn off the device to Save Power
  • Uncheck that box

Tweak the HotSpot Timeout Period if Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot Turns off

Normally, when there is no active connection available, the Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot disables on its own. So, this means there is a particular timeline where it waits for a connection to set up. If that frame of time passes and no connection is set up then, the hotspot disables itself. That default time is of 20 minutes. We have to increase the timeout period.

  • Go to type here to search and type registry editor > click Open
  • On the left panel, of Registry Editor expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM> ControlSet001
    Access Registry Editor
  • under ControlSet001 > expand Services.
  • There will be a lot of folders under Services. Scroll down till you find icssvc. Expand it
  • Under that expand Settings folder by clicking on it
    open icssvc Settings
  • On the right-hand side, you will see 3 or 4 settings
  • Double click on Peerless Timeout Enabled
  • Set the value somewhere between 1 to 60.
    set value of peerless timeout for Windows 10 mobile hotspot
  • Click OK and then close everything.

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