How to Fix Fitbit Versa 2/3 Not Charging or Dead


In this modern-day era, everybody is involved in maintaining and tracking their health, and for that, there are numerous health trackers to be had withinside the market. Fitbit Versa is likewise a famous health tracker with many features and durability that make it one of the main brands. Fitbit Versa has frequently up to date its devices consistent with the user’s wishes. The band wishes to be charged earlier than the usage of the quality capabilities, however, a few customers reported that the Fitbit Versa 2/three has a charging issue. They aren’t charging properly, which ends up in useless gadgets, and the customers can’t use them frequently. If you’re nonetheless going through the now no longer charging issue, then right here are a few strategies to restore the now no longer charging or Dead trouble of Fitbit Versa 2/3.

It is one of the not unusual place problems confronted via way of means of many Fitbit customers, and the motive in the back of the problem is the energy cycle and the battery existence of the tool. The Fitbit makes use of a Lithium -polymer battery that lasts 2-4 to 4 days, consistent with the features activated via way of means of the customers. If you also are going through the problem, it could have reasons. Either the tool isn’t charged sufficient to start, or the battery’s existence has expired and wishes to be changed.

Fix Fitbit Versa 2/3 Not Charging or Dead

You can follow the beneath method to restore the issue. But earlier than that, kindly take a look at the Fitbit tool isn’t always wet. Dry it first, then connect to the charger if it’s miles moist. Also, if the tool is new, put off all plastic covers from it. Sometimes the thin plastic movie may interrupt the health tracker to price properly.

Method 1: Restart the Fitbit Versa 2/3

The primary and default method to a majority of insects is restarting the tool. Restarting will restore all minor insects responsible for now no longer charging or useless troubles in Fitbit Versa devices. The restarting technique is pretty easy, however, if the buttons and swipes aren’t working, try and reboot the tool instead.

  • Press and hold both the back and the bottom button together till you see the Fitbit logo on the screen (it may take 10 seconds).
  • After the logo appears on the screen, release both buttons and wait until the device is restarted. If it is not restarting, then follow the above steps again.

Method 2: Clean the Charging points of Fitbit Versa

Another cause in the back of the difficulty is the grimy factors of the tool and the USB pins. We generally put on it all of the time to display our fitness status, and because of sweat and dirt, the pin may also get affected. Try to ease the adapter and the health tool with a small brush and smooth cotton material to restore the difficulty.

Apart from that, the Fitbit Versa has a pin to connect to the adapter, and sometimes it could get broken because of connecting it wrongly. So, test the pins that it’s far withinside the real position. Also, join the tracker properly to test whether or not it’s far running or not. Then, take away the tracker and reattached it again.

Method 3: Check the charging cable

The next motive in the back of the now no longer charging trouble is that we won’t take a look at the cable used to price our devices. It would possibly have cuts or damaged or worn wires that come to be the barrier among electricity, the adapter, and the tool. Check the cord very well and in case you located any harm, update it with any other cable.

We mostly don’t care about our charging cord. It can also additionally harm because of the twisted cord, and after a few times, it receives damage. Also, take a look at that the adapter does now no longer have any physical damage. Try to attach the tool with any other charger to test the Fitness band or cable and adapter trouble.

Method 4: Factory Reset the Fitbit Versa

The very last method to repair the Fitbit now no longer charging or lifeless problem is factory resetting the tool. But the factory reset will delete all of the records, and there’s no approach to repair the records. Before making use of the method, join your Fitbit tool to the Fitbit app, sync the records, and make a backup of all of your important records if possible.

  • Press and hold the back and the bottom button simultaneously till the Fitbit logo is on the screen (it may take 10-12 seconds).
  • Wait until the Fitbit logo appears and disappears and release the bottom button. Now hold the top right and left buttons till the device is vibrating. Vibrating is a notification that the device is in factory reset mode.
  • Wait till the logo appears on the screen again, and then the screen will show you to set the device. It means the factory reset is done.
  • If you accidentally release the button in the ongoing process, turn off the device and start the method again.

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