How to customize dark mode in OxygenOS 12


You can now customize dark mode in OxygenOS 12 — here’s how to get started.

The dark mode is now trendy on all Android phones, and producers are beginning to upload in addition to customization to the mode. With OxygenOS 12, you get the capacity to personalize the depth of dark mode, with 3 preset options available. The characteristic is ported over from ColorOS 12, and the labels for every mode are identical throughout OxygenOS and ColorOS.

How to customize dark mode in OxygenOS 12

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Display & brightness.
  3. Choose Dark mode settings.
  4. You will see three options for dark mode — Enhanced, Medium, and Gentle. Here’s the difference:
How to customize dark mode in OxygenOS 12
  • Enhanced: This is the default dark mode with the interface switching to a black color scheme.
  • Medium: This mode switches the colors to a dark grey hue, and serves as the ideal balance if you’re just getting started with dark mode.
  • Gentle: In this option, you will see a grey color scheme throughout the interface. If you don’t like dark mode in general but want a setting that’s easy on the eyes, it is the default option.
How to customize dark mode in OxygenOS 12

In addition to customizable dark mode, you get the choice to manually cause the mode if there is an app it really is but to provide it natively. This is a function that MIUI has had for some years now, however, what OxygenOS does higher is that you need to manually list the app which you need to apply with darkish mode.

You also get the ability to alter the evaluation settings primarily based totally on the ambient light conditions, and that makes a significant difference in daily use.

OnePlus’s devices are a few of the best Android phones, and a huge part of this is the software program customization. With OxygenOS 12, the interface is equal to ColorOS 12, however, that consists of even greater customization options, just like the capacity to tweak dark mode.

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