How to create and delete CON folder in Windows


Windows is a great OS because it has so many features and all the programs supported on it. We also know that creating folders and naming them is easy and very simple. Did you know that there are some names that cannot be assigned to a folder in Windows? You will not be able to delete folders. Wait, why? Well, these are special variables used by the system and Windows automatically prevents you from editing them. However, there is a way to set and delete a folder with this specific name. Read on to learn more.

Windows OS uses a variety of variable names reserved for important files and folders that contain information necessary for it to function. Windows does this so that the user does not accidentally delete these files and folders. That’s why sometimes you may find that you can’t save folders with specific names like CON, COM, AUX, etc. However, there is a way to easily create and delete these folders. This is the guide you would like to follow to learn how to create and delete CON folders in Windows.

How to Create CON Folder in Windows

You might have noticed that trying to create a normal folder and naming it as CON will simply return you an error like the screenshot below.

You do not require any third-party program or software to create or for that matter delete such a folder. Follow these steps to create a folder named CON in Windows.

  1. Open the Run dialogue by pressing the Windows and R keys.
  2. Type in CMD in the search bar and hit the enter key.
  3. Now, with the Command Prompt window open simply paste the following line.
    how to create con folder in windows
  4. Hit the enter key. You will now see a folder named con created in the C drive of your system.
    how to create and delete con folder in windows
  5. This will be an empty folder.
  6. You can repeat the same process to create other folders such as COM1, COM 2, AUX, etc.

How to Delete CON Folder in Windows

Now that you have the folder created, it is time to delete it. So, do you think simply pressing the delete key or selecting Delete from the right-click context menu would erase the folder? Nope/ You will have to make use of the good old Command Prompt once again for his. This is how you can delete the folder.

  1. Bring up the Run dialogue. You can do this by pressing the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
  2. Now, type in CMD and press the Enter Key.
  3. The Command Prompt will now open up on your desktop.
  4. Simply copy and paste this command line into the Command Prompt window.
    rd \.\c:\con
    how to delete con folder in windows
  5. Once you have pasted the command line, hit the enter key.
  6. Now, navigate back to the directory where the con folder was created.
  7. You will notice that the folder no longer exists.
  8. It will be sitting in your Recycle Bin. You can delete it from there as well.
  9. You can delete the other folders as well by replacing con with COM, COM1, or AUX.
  10. You can use this method to delete any stubborn folders that are not being deleted when you press the delete key.

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