How to Change Input Source on Vizio TV without remote


One of the most important components any device needs is a remote. Well, TVs are devices that require a TV remote to control and adjust various aspects and elements. Whether it’s volume, channel, color adjustment, or changing the input source – there’s a lot of need for a TV remote. So what happens when you want to change the input source of your Vizio TV but you don’t have a remote? Well, you have come to the right guide.

This guide is also useful for people who have either lost a remote, damaged a remote, or simply have a physically damaged remote that no longer works. This guide also helps you understand how you can control different aspects of your Vizio TV without using a robot.

How to Change Input on Vizio TV without remote

Now, let’s talk about the different methods you can adapt to change the input on your Vizio TV. You can choose whichever method works best for you.

Change Input Using Physical Buttons

Like most TV-outs out there, your Vizio TV itself should have a few physical buttons. Buttons can be power, volume up and down, channel up and down, and sometimes settings buttons. Every TV will have these buttons on the front, sides or back panel. Using the Settings button on your TV can help you change the input source of your Vizio TV.

If your Vizuo TV doesn’t have a settings button, pressing the power button for a few seconds sometimes brings up the settings menu, so you can change the input source instantly without using the remote. If your Vizio TV only has a power button, you can try using the other methods below.

Change Input Using Vizio Mobile App

Using a smart Vizo TV? Well, if you’ve lost your remote and want to change the input source on it, you can use a simple app. The Vizio Mobile app is an official Vizio app designed to work with Vizio Smart TVs running Smartcast OS. The Vizio mobile app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

how to change input source on vizio tv without remote

All you need to do is download the app and make sure your Vizio TV and your mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. When you launch the app and turn on the TV, you’ll see a few buttons on your mobile device’s screen. Among the many buttons, you will see an input button. Just tapping on it will help you change the input source of your Vizio Smart TV without using your TV remote.

Change Input Using IR Blaster

A good number of old and new Android devices come with an IR blaster. Since the Vizio TV remote controls the TV via infrared, you can use your Android device’s IR blaster to control your TV. Most of these devices come with an IR remote app. With this app, you can easily select the type of device, its brand, and sometimes even its model. Basic functions including changing the input source can be done using IR Blaster on your Android.

Change Input Source Using Universal Remote

If you are not able to follow or use any of the above methods, then this last method will only work best. All you need to do is get yourself a universal remote controller. It is basically a remote that will work for a good number of devices. No matter what TV brand you use, the remote can be instantly configured to work with your TV. You’ll find a good number of popular universal remote controllers on Amazon. You can easily connect it to your TV with the instructions that come with it as well as the code required for your specific brand and TV model.

This concludes the guide on how to change the input source on your Vizio TV without using a remote. Out of the four methods mentioned above, at least one or two methods should work perfectly for you.

However, if for some odd reason you can’t get it to work with your TV, it’s best to contact Vizio and see if they have a replacement remote for your specific TV model. Available. You can also take a look at Amazon and find replacement or universal remotes that will work with your Vizio TV. If you have questions or queries, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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