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Date:September 22, 2021

Google Store pricing error marks down Pixel 4 to ‘Free’

The Google Store has had its share of mix-ups in the past from incorrect product listings to major accidental reveals. Today, the Made by Google site is erroneously listing the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL as being “Free.”

The Pixel 4’s Google Store listing this afternoon (h/t Artem Russakovskii) says the Pixel 4 is “Free.” That price — or rather lack of one — is noted to the left of blue “Buy” button. Of course, proceeding to the model configuration page notes the normal $799+ and $899+ pricing.

It’s unclear how the Pixel 4 error came to be as the Google Store has never listed any product as being free.

Meanwhile, another error involves the Pixel Slate starting at $149 instead of $499. The only deal running on these Chrome OS tablets — following last month’s price cut — is a a free Pixelbook Pen and Pixel Slate Keyboard with every purchase.


This free Pixel 4 error is a more notable gaffe than incorrect specs in listings, but does not even come close to last year’s accidental reveal of the Pixel 3a and rebrand of the Google Home Hub to the Nest Hub weeks before I/O 2019. The Nest Hub Max saw a similar incident with key specifications making an appearance in a graphic, while there were several “Nest Home” references.

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