Google Camera 8.7 is Here with New Features for all smartphones


Google has recently introduced its new phone lineup with new system components for consumers to surprise the Pixel competitors in the market. And one of the most noticeable aspects is the Google Camera 8.7 build, which is packed with features other than the Pixel 7.

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro offer amazing new camera features like double-tap actions, repeated faces, focus lock, and icon tweaks, and Night Sight offers more. However, articles will change about all these features, so let’s get started.

Features of Google Camera 8.7

Double tap action: This feature is seen on the gestures under your camera settings. Under the double-tap menu feature, you’ll find three alternate options including Zoom, Switch Camera, or Off.

Meanwhile, this feature is only available in the Pixel 7 smartphone and may be extended to other devices in the coming days.

Double tab action Google Camera 8.7
  • Frequent Faces: Available in the Camera Top Shot, it prioritizes the people you shoot most.” Additionally, it ought to aid the camera in recommending the best pictures and showing real skin tones.
Google Camera 8.7
  • Night Sight offer max: This feature show you the time available changes depending on the brightness level under the ranges between 2-3 and 3-5 seconds. On the other hand, the Max should be up to 6 seconds.
Google Camera 8.7

Also, a new feature seen in the Pixel 7 camera is Cinematic Blur and this feature helps you to give your videos a higher quality, making the videos more dramatic. The main component of cinematic blur is keeping your subject in focus and blurring the background for dramatic effect.

Download Google Camera 8.7 APK from Pixel 7 Pro (series)

All these features are available in Google Pixel 7 lineup camera 8.7 version and the company may soon extend it to other smartphone users. But the company has not made any official statement about it.