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Date:October 26, 2021

Google Camera 8.0 (Pixel 5) APK: What We Can Expect?

In this post, we would be discussing the latest Google Camera 8.0 (Pixel 5) APK. Google just announced the latest Pixel device in the recently concluded ‘Launch Night In’ event. The device, which would be launched with Android 11 out of the box, comes with a pretty decent specs sheet. While you aren’t going to be taken aback with the hardware, yet it has maintained a rich balance that should tick mark most of the user requirement. Likewise, Pixel devices are always known to be the top player when it comes to the camera department.

And the latest Pixel device is no different either. Well, one doesn’t have to look any further the GCam Mods to concrete this fact. For the unawares, the GCam or Google Camera mods are taken straight from the Pixel devices and then tweaked along the way to make it compatible with other Android devices. And this time, the hype isn’t just limited to the Pixel 5 devices. The anticipation for its corresponding Google Camera 8.0 APK is rather quite impressive as well. In this guide, we will have a look at the expected features of this camera mod that will further justify this hype. Follow along.

Google Camera 8.0 (Pixel 5) APK: What We Can Expect?

As opposed to other OEMs who pack in 48, 64, or even 108MP camera, Pixel 5 comes with a 12.2+16MP dual rear camera. The important thing to keep in mind is the fact that megapixels are never the perfect yardstick for measuring the camera quality. This fact couldn’t be explained in a much better way than by looking at the Pixel series.

The latter never boast about numbers, but still manages to easily outdo all its competitor. And that is one major reason why its camera app is among the most downloaded camera mods. On that note, here’s what all could we expect from the Google Camera 8.0 (Pixel 5) APK.

Improved Super Resolution Zoom

The SuperRes Zoom retains the sharpness of the image while performing zoom in or out gesture. Furthermore, it also prevents the image from losing resolution and getting blurred. Add to the fact that the Pixel 5 now comes with an Ultrawide lens, and we could expect a much improved Super Res Zoom functionality.

Cinematic Pan

Panning photography is a horizontal shot of a character moving from one side to another. However, sometimes, the subject in focus gets stretched and could be beyond recognizable as well. While using a tripod and keeping your camera still does a great job, Google has made some further adjustments by introducing Cinematic Pan. The latter will now allow for a more ultrasmooth panning.

Night Sight + Portrait Mode

When it comes to low-light photography, GCam’s Night Mode is right there at the top. On the other hand, the Portrait Mode adds a background blur (bokeh) to your pictures. Google has now combined both these functionalities into one single feature. By having the Night Sight into Portrait Mode, you could now take bokeh pictures even in dark environments. We might already see the developers adding this feature to Google Camera 8.0 (Pixel 5) APK in the coming days.

Portrait Light

Further adding to the above functionality, you could now take portrait shots while the background slowly slips into the oblivion, giving it an artificial blur in the process.

Revamped Google Photos

revamped google photos

Well, not directly related to the Google Camera 8.0 (Pixel 5) APK, but there have been some noteworthy additions to the Photos app. This will definitely complement the GCam usage experience. With tons of new settings, granular effects, and multiple enhancements, it’s time to bid adieu to other photo editors. Furthermore, this update isn’t just limited to the latest Pixel 5 or 4a 5G, its being rolled out to all Android devices in batches.

Other Features

While these were the new additions to the camera, there are some others from the previous builds as well. These include the HDR+ with dual exposure controls through which you could take amazing clicks in low-light or backlit scenes. Then there is the much useful Top Shot feature. It automatically takes the best shot when the subject is just in the right position. Likewise, you could also make use of the Google Lens Suggestions to scan documents, translate, etc. Or make use of the AR stickers and effects via the Playground feature.

Download Google Camera 8.0 (Pixel 5) APK from here

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