Exclusive features on WhatsApp for Android and iOS


Exclusive Features

Are you curious to discover what’s better between WhatsApp for Android and iOS? I’ve announced that I had something interesting to publish, some time ago:

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long, but the article is finally here. Some members from my Discord community have logged the differences between the two platforms in these years, but note that we didn’t list features that are already available on a platform but are under development on the other one. In this list, you will find exclusive features on a platform:

Description of the featureAndroidiOS
Chat preview without sending read receiptsNoYes
Keep images, videos, GIFs in your gallery that other people deleted for everyoneNoYes, if enabled (iOS limitation)
Blur images using the drawing editorNoYes
Save media manuallyNo*Yes
See total unread chat count while in a chatNoYes
Play voice notes from notifications without triggering played receiptsNoYes
Download images from URLsNoYes
Cropping videosNoYes
Send uncompressed photos as documents directlyYesNo
Select all chats in edit modeYesNo

(*) Note that some Android users have the possibility to save media manually thanks to a new “Save” feature, available in the message option.
Will the dev teamwork on supporting all features in both platforms, deleting these differences? We will be happy to announce the news when something listed in this article changes.

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