Download Nova Launcher 8.0.1 APK With Material You Design [Wallpaper-Based Theme Engine]


Nova Launcher is the most popular Android launcher because of its countless customization and personalization options, support for the latest gestures introduced in Android 11, 12, and 13, and recently, materials designed by you! Today, developers- Tesla Coil Apps released a huge and exciting update for Nova Launcher beta with version 8.0 which includes Material U design, dynamic color themes, brand new settings design, and night and light colors. Download the latest Nova Launcher 8.0 APK from here.

With Android 12, Google introduced the new Material U Design, an upgraded Material 2.0 design with dynamic touch ripple, a silky smooth scroll, and a spacious layout. The best part is the new wallpaper-based theme engine where different elements of the Android system will be accented with color based on the phone wallpaper you set.

This is called dynamic color. You can pick your favorite wallpaper and the entire phone experience changes to better reflect you, from your home screen to some of your favorite apps. This feature is now embedded in Nova Launcher 8. See the following image for reference.

While Material You was launched with the Pixel 6 series, various OEMs have adopted their own versions of the custom skin including Samsung’s One UI, OnePlus’ Oxygen OS, Color OS, MIUI, and more.

Users of custom launchers like Nova Launcher were feeling left out as it didn’t support this new wallpaper-based theme engine. The good news is that the latest version of Nova Launcher beta features new materials designed by you. It will set custom color schemes on the launcher based on the wallpaper colors.

Nova Launcher 8.0 Features & Patch Notes

According to the official changelog, Nova Launcher 8 brings the following:

  • Material You – Custom color schemes based on wallpaper colors
  • Redesigned Nova Settings
  • New swipe left/right desktop gestures
  • Align Bottom immersive folders
  • Rebased on Launcher3 Android 12L
  • Android 13 fixes

Nova Launcher also brings new settings, new swipe left/right desktop gestures, and immersive folders at the bottom. Most importantly, Nova Launcher 8.0 has been rebased on Launcher 3 from Android 12.1/12L. This means, it will adapt to any screen size or layout including tablets, emulators, and PCs.

Download Latest Nova Launcher 8.0.1 APK

Note that Nova Launcher v8.0.1 is beta. So you can either download it by registering on Play Store Beta Program. (link below)

Or download it directly from the Tesla Coil servers.

For betas installed outside of the Play Store, you can update from Nova Settings > Nova Launcher Version > Beta. You can also enable automatic update checks in this menu.

Play Store Download Link

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