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Google Pixel didn’t release new curated culture wallpapers for September until earlier this month, while October’s additions are also available now.

Hispanic Heritage Month 2022 runs from September 15 to October 15 and sees three from COVL:

  • spices, freshly brewed cafe as plátanos fry in the background.”
  • ESPIRITU: “Celebrating and paying homage with unapologetic pride and gratitude for those who came before us.”
  • CONEXION: “Through the art of connecting, our community is opening up the windows and doors for a vibrant cultura.”


Meanwhile, the October Pixel wallpapers mark World Mental Health Day, which is today, and feature illustrations from Burnt Toast:

  • Rest: “A character in hiding taking some much-needed time to re-energize and recenter.”
  • Listen: “Listening is a key part of communication. Find time to call on your friends and listen in on what they have going on.”
  • Self-Love: “If you love your reflection it simply has to love you back. Self-love can do wonders for your mental health.”
New Pixel wallpaper October
New Pixel wallpaper October
New Pixel wallpaper October

Google also released an Arts & Culture Lab experience in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins International Arts + Mind Lab, and Google’s Wellbeing Lab to create a “moment of calm.”

Rhythm with Nature aims to create a deeper connection between humans and nature through a series of beautifully crafted breathing exercises in time with the opening and closing of flowers. Basically you are breathing in the flowers that bloom according to your time of day.

Download new wallpapers for Pixel Phones (Google releases Wallpapers)

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