Download macOS Ventura 4K wallpapers (Newly added)


Apple announced macOS Monterey, the successor to macOS Ventura, and released a developer beta for it at its WWDC keynote event on June 6, 2022. I must admit that macOS Ventura Continuity is packed with features like the camera feature. Lets you use your iPhone as a camera connected to your Mac, Handoff, DeskView, and more.

But if you’re still waiting for a public beta or a more stable official release of macOS Ventura, don’t worry! You can still enjoy using its animated wallpapers for free! Scroll down to learn more.

macOS Ventura wallpapers Preview

macOS Ventura newly launched wallpaper in shades of orange with a blue background
macOS Ventura newly launched wallpaper in abstract figure

Download macOS Ventura wallpaper

The wallpaper is in orange and has a light and dark mode, and I’ve combined each of them for you! Hit the download button to claim your loose wallpaper.

Here’s a great video about the newly released macOS Ventura wallpapers shared by Zac Hall on Twitter.

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