Download Latest Google Play Services APK

Download Latest Google Play Services APK

Play Store is the official platform from where you can download any Android app or games to your phones, tablets, TV, or Box running Android OS. However, in order to keep it updated and work properly, your device needs Google Play Services installed in it. This includes most of the Google apps and services like Google mobile services (GMS), Google Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and most importantly, the Play Store. Here download and install the latest Google Play Services APK for any Android.

Some third party manufacturers do not have Google certification and hence come without Play Store and Google apps. The Play Services package is especially useful for custom ROMS, which exclude the Gapps. A simple solution is to get the latest Play Services APK installed on your Android device in order to download apps and games via Play Store.

Furthermore, most people don’t even know that it’s installed on their device and when it comes to updating this service, people don’t know what to do. In this article, we are going to guide you through this process and help you update Google Play Store/Services APK.

What is Google Play Services?

Google Play Services is a layer of software that connects Google services and Android together. These services run in the background of your Android devices all the time. It manages things like push notifications, contacts synchronization, your device’s location, and other stuff so that an app can work properly.

Basically, it’s an API package for all existing Android devices from Google. Google created this service so that every app developer out there can use the same tools they are using. It’s also a part of the Google Mobile Service. Thus, it is extremely important to keep it up to date.

Google Play Services Update Downloads

The first method is updating Play Services via official method directly from Play Store. You can also sign up as a beta tester and get the latest features like Nearby Sharing etc. before anyone else when Google releases any.

Download Play Services Beta (Beta registration)

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