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Apple recently announced the new iOS 16 at the Apple WWDC Summit, announcing new features and improvements to the upcoming iOS 16 for iPhones. With this new version, it also comes with new wallpapers that you should try. You can download iOS 16 wallpaper in this article below.

New lock screen design in Apple’s new iOS 16, new features in iMessages such as editing or returning sent messages, marking messages as unread, new improvements in Apple Maps, new features in Apple Wallet, and more ۔

Apple’s new iOS 16 also has some new home screen wallpapers. If you’ve been waiting for iOS 16 stock wallpapers, now is the time to download and apply them to your phone.

iOS 16 Wallpapers Preview

iOS 16 wallpapers

Apple has introduced many new and exciting features in the new update, including the update that the company announced in iOS 16, which will come on the lock screen interface, where the screen will have its own Can be customized Can be customized, plus the presence of a watch that looks embedded. In the background of your image, in which the background image also moves.

In addition, iOS 16 has a feature of lock screen widgets that enables you to add items related to the weather and temperature, as well as many other items that can be added, such as match results. Or anything developed by the developers.

IOS 16 has introduced new features in iMessage, where users can return a previously sent message. In addition, the keyboard feature is that the keyboard can write by voice without disappearing, so it is possible to speak and write at the same time.

The feature of recognizing text through camera images also has many advantages, as the text can be translated directly and no longer requires internet to use it. It also supports video clips and has been made available via iMessage to drag and send any artificial intelligence identifier to developers to add to their applications.

The company also introduced the Apple PayPal feature, which is related to later payments, where customers can buy and pay later, and installments of up to 4 months without interest or additional fees.

Apple also announced a safety check, allowing users to see which apps and people their location and data have been shared with, so they can be removed and the data shared with them cleared. Coins IOS 16 comes with a new feature related to Photos, where you can take a bunch of family photos, for example, while traveling, and store those photos in a folder that the rest The family can share. Is done with individuals.

In addition to a dedicated app in the new system, which reminds you when you need to take certain medications, which you list in the app to take regularly.

The fitness application will be available on all iPhones running iOS 16 without the need to use company watches.

Download iOS 16 Wallpapers

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