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Date:September 22, 2021
Download Hotstar Mod APK 11.5.3 – Disney+ Premium | 2021 Version

Download Hotstar Mod APK 11.5.3 – Disney+ Premium | 2021 Version

Updated on May 03, 2021: Download the latest version of Hotstar Mod APK v11.5.3 which brings a lot of new features to the table with all premium unlocked.

Hotstar is one of the most famous video streaming app. After Disney has acquired it this year, it has started to develop more and more features. After the internet revolution in the last decade, so many people have come up online. Most of these people love to consume web content. There are so many streaming apps present online that have billions of traffic on their platform every month.

Online Streaming apps have become a new entertainment source for peoples. Today, most people do not have time to watch TV, so they use their smartphone to get that entertainment, which is so portable and can be used at any time.

Movie producers have also started to launch their movies on this platform because it has so many audiences. And they are also getting great responses from it. You can also connect Hotstar to big screens like TV or your monitor to make the experience better.

Hotstar is not limited to just movies or web series. It also streams various shows and some sports entertainment like Cricket, Football matches. And Hotstar is also limited to India; it also has different foreign exhibitions, and it is also available in other countries.

Hotstar Mod APK 11.5.3 Features

Hotstar Mod v11.5.3 APK is a modified or cracked version of the Hotstar app. Using this app, you can use all the Hotstar app features they give for their premium members. This mod application allows you to watch anything like popular TV serials and shows, Web Series, Movies, and several other entertaining Content just for free.

If you do not know, Hotstar is the number one platform in India to stream online. It was started in 2015 and was the streaming partner of the cricket world cup 2015 on the Android platform. Today, this streaming application is on Android and all different operating systems (except Windows and Linux) with a web version.

Hotstar claims that its platforms contain 100000 hours of content available in more than 17 languages, which also contains several regional languages of India. It offers its streaming not only in India but also in countries like the United States, Canada, UK. If you live in any of these countries, you can also use this Hotstar v11.5.3 Mod application. This streaming platform has a total viewership of 350 million-plus every month.

Hotstar Mod APK will provide you so many features. All premium features of Hotstar and Disney plus is included in this with several types of Content that you can stream anytime. So, let’s jump on to all the features of this Mod APK one by one.

All Premium and VIP Features Unlocked

This Hotstar Disney plus Mod v11.5.3 APK will provide you all the premium features of the Hotstar app that a premium and VIP member gets. You can watch all of the Indian and foreign shows, movies from Bollywood and Hollywood, All websites on the Hotstar Platform, and some great sports entertainment.

No Distracting Ads

While using the Hotstar Mod APK, you will not see any ads and who likes to watch them between a show or web series. In this app, all the app will be disabled. So, you will be able to see everything without any distractions.

Live Streaming and Sports

Sport is also a great source of entertainment. We all love to watch cricket, football matches, and other sports also. There are many audiences in our country who love to watch cricket and several other tournaments. Using this app, all types of sports content will be directly accessible through the app. The best part is that you can stream all these sports matches live through this app. This is also the only app in India that provides all the Content at the same time.

Downloading Videos

This feature is also in the Hotstar Premium Mod v11.5.3 APK. You can download any of your favorite movies, shows, or web series with ease using this app. This is the best feature for those who usually travel. Whenever you travel to some places, you might not get good quality internet. So, you can download your favorite shows from this app and stream them whenever you want.

No Requirement of Logging

If you use the regular Hotstar premium membership, then it is always required you to create an account on it and login from that account in your app. In the Hotstar Mod APK, there is no need to login into the app. This is also the best feature to secure your privacy. When you download this app, you have to install it and then start streaming all the shows and movies directly.

All Permission Removed

In any other app that we use nowadays requires some certain permission to make it work. As soon as we open the app, so many permission boxes appear that are so much irritating. But here, in the Hotstar Premium v11.2.9 mod APK, It will not ask for any permissions. You can use the app without giving any permission. This will make sure that no personal details are going out from your device. So, you will not be disrupted by these permission pop-ups.

Hidden VPN Services

If you are using the official Hotstar app, then you would know that you can not use a VPN  while using that app. But if you are using this Hotstar Mod APK application. You can easily watch shows, movies, or web series, even while using a VPN. This is best for those who want to watch more foreign country shows.

Does Modded APK contain Viruses or Malware?

Most modded third-party developers design APK to add extra functionality. In Hotstar Mod APK, developers have added the ability to stream and unlock app premium content without a subscription.

So theory, it is safe to download modded APK files from a trusted source and developer. However, it would be best if you did a virus check on each download, as nearly 10% of mod files contain viruses and malware. Such viruses and malware can damage your device severely and may cause your privacy at risk.

Download Hotstar Mod APK v11.5.3 – Unlocked Version

Installation of this is similar and simple as any other app, but you have to keep in mind some of the things before installing it, so let’s check all of those steps.

Click on the Download link. It will take you to the download page of the Hotstar app, where you can get the actual link. After downloading it, then you have to install it. But remember that Android usually doesn’t give access to install applications from unknown sources. So, you have to manually enable the option of download through unknown sources from your settings.

Download Hotstar Mod APK 11.5.3

Hotstar Mod APK 11.5.3


VersionDownload Link
Hotstar Mod 11.4.9Download
Hotstar Mod v11.4.3Download
Hotstar Mod APK v11.3.9Download
Hotstar Mod v11.3.6Download
Hotstar Mod 11.2.9Download
Hotstar Adfree 11.2.8Download
Hotstar Mod v11.1.9Download
Hotstar Mod v11.0.8Download
Hotstar Mod APK 11.0.4Download
Hotstar Mod v10.6.3Download
Hotstar Mod v9.9.9Download

Hotstar Premium APK 2020

Hotstar does provide free Content, but that is limited to just a few shows, and they are also not that good to be watched. All the main features and high rating shows or web series are given only to the users who have bought the Hotstar premium subscription.

The yearly VIP plan of Hotstar and Disney Plus will cost you around 399rs, but only for the Indian shows, movies, and web series. For streaming the international Content, you have to buy their premium plan.

But many people out there do not want to spend that on it, and some are not that financially stable to spend on it. So, Hotstar Mod APK will help you to conquer this problem and stream all the Content of Hotstar just for free. Let’s check all the features of the Hotstar Mod APK.

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