Download Google Camera unlocker for OnePlus 9R


Google Camera unlocker is a Magisk module that can enable 48 megapixel mode on OnePlus 9R. After installing this module you can take 48MP photos with gcam app.

Credit: JeusChrit’s


  • Enables 48MP RAW10 capture support on GCam, both on Main (8/8T/9R) and Ultra Wide (8 Pro).
  • Adds Multi Frame Noise Reduction support for the Macro/Monochrome (8/8T) and Ultra Wide (8 Pro).
  • Adds support for Long Exposure capture in Open Camera (up to 5s).
  • Allows access to the auxiliary cameras indepedently of the OOS version or GCam package used.


  • Magisk V25
  • OxygenOS 11 or 12, or Custom ROMs
Download Google Camera for OnePlus 9R (GCam 8.2 APK) - NaldoTech


  • Currently, work only with Arnova’s GCam 8.1.

Download Google Camera unlocker for OnePlus 9R (48MP) 

Camera Mod & Config & Noise Module: Download

How to install Google Camera on OnePlus 9R (48MP) 

  • Install Module in Magisk
  • Move config and Noise module to ‘GCam/Configs8’ Folder
  • Run Gcam app, double click Near Shutter Area, Load Custom config
  • Restart gcam app, done

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