Download Google Camera 8.5 for Sony Xperia 10 III & 10 IV | Gcam 8.5


The Sony Xperia 10 is one of the company’s fine-promoting mid-variety smartphones. And the Xperia 10 IV is the today’s contender with inside the lineup. Like ultimate year’s Xperia 10 III, the smartphone has a triple-lens digital digicam setup. Obviously, it takes properly images with the integrated digital digicam app. And the fine component is that you could additionally sideload the Google Camera aka Pixel 6 Camera app for your Xperia 10 III or Xperia 10 IV. Here you could download Google Camera for Sony Xperia 10 III and Xperia 10 IV.

Google Camera for Sony Xperia 10 III & 10 IV

If you own a Sony Xperia 10, then I have good news for you, yes, you can install GCam mod on your smartphone. The latest GCam port – Google Camera 8.5 from BSG is compatible with Xperia 10 Mark 3 and Mark 4. And the best part is that this GCam mod has features like night sight mode and astro photography working. Of course, you can also use other features like slo-mo, beauty mode, HDR enhanced, lens blur, photosphere, playground, RAW support, Google Lens etc. Before moving on to the download section, let’s see what the Sony Xperia 10 Mark 4 has to offer in the camera department.

The 2022 Mid-Ranger offers a 12MP primary sensor on the back, which is a Sony IMX486, conventional sensor with non-quad birder tech, while the other two sensors are an 8MP ultra-wide-angle and an 8MP telephoto camera. Xperia 10 III and 10 IV have an advanced camera app billing, it also has an advanced burst mode feature. The app has different modes to capture impressive images including Basic, Pro, Program Auto, and more.

It takes good pictures, sideload the GCam app if you want to boost performance. Now let’s take a look at how you can download and install Google Camera on Sony Xperia 10 III and Xperia 10 IV.

Download Google Camera for Sony Xperia 10 III & 10 IV

Sony’s Xperia 10 series is a feature-packed mid-ranger, ticking all the right boxes, yes, it has Camera2 API support out of the box. You can install GCam mod on it without rooting. Below you will find two working GCam ports – GCam 8.4 and GCam 8.5, both compatible with Xperia 10 Mid-Ranger. Here are the download links.

How to install Google Camera for Sony Xperia 10 III & 10 IV

If you want better results, then you can follow the below steps and add configuration file.

For LMC8.4 Release 12.apk

  1. At first, download this config file on your smartphone.
  2. Now create a new folder with LMC8.4 name.
  3. Now paste the config file inside the LMC8.4 folder.
  4. Once done, Open the Google Camera app and double tap on the black blank area placed next to the shutter button.
  5. Tap on the settings shown, available in the popup & press the restore button.
  6. Go back to the app drawer and then open the app again.

While MGC_8.5.300_A10_V2_MGC.apk does not need to configure many settings, but still, you can play with GCam settings as per your needs for better results.

Once all is done. Start capturing sparkling and stunning images directly from your Sony Xperia 10 III and Sony Xperia 10 IV. If you have any question, leave a comment in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.