Download Google Camera 8.4 for Xiaomi 11 & 11i HyperCharge


Xiaomi 11i and Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge are the latest mid-range options from Xiaomi. Both phones have the same hardware, except for the battery size and charging speed. And the biggest highlight of the new Xiaomi 11i series phones is its 108MP camera sensor. However, the camera performance is decent with the default MIUI camera app. If you want to increase performance, you can side-load the Pixel 6 camera app (aka GCam Mod port). Here you can download Google Camera for Xiaomi 11i and Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge.

Download Google Camera for Xiaomi 11 and 11i Hyper Charge.

If you’re a Xiaomi 11i user, you can easily install the Google Camera app on your smartphone, the Camera2 is out of the box thanks to API support. Below we connect the latest GCam port via BSG – GCam 8.4 and the latest GCam 7.3 via Urnyx05, all ports are compatible with Xiaomi 11i and 11i HyperChage. You can use Astro Photography and Night Sight in these ports.

Note: Before Installing the new Gcam Mod ported app, make sure to delete the older version (if you’ve installed). This is not a stable version of Google Camera, so it may have some bugs.

If you want better results, then you can follow the below steps and add a configuration file.

Recommended Settings:

For GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.6.apk and NGCam_8.2.300-v1.5

  • GCam 7.3 Config – Here
  • GCam 8.2 Config – Here

How to install

  1. At first, download the config file from above-listed links on your smartphone.
  2. Now create a new folder with GCam name.
  3. Open GCam folder and create one more folder with configs7 name.
  4. Now paste the config file inside the configs7 folder.
  5. Once done, Open the Google Camera app and double tap on the black blank area placed next to the shutter button.
  6. Tap on the settings shown, available in the popup & press the restore button.
  7. Go back to the app drawer and then open the app again.

While for MGC_8.4.300_A10_V0a_MGC.apk there’s no need to configure many settings, still, you can play with GCam settings according to your needs for better results.

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