Download Corvus OS v14.5 Mutate Official for Redmi Note 8/8T



Android : 11

Status : Stable

Updated: 28/2/2021


• Thanks to @ghostrider_reborn for Trees, miuicamera & help
• Thanks to all those testers who tested these build


• Both vanilla & gapps builds are available
• Latest firmware is recommend for good experience
• For vanilla build users: don’t flash nikgapps stock as its crashing systemui
• Recommended – BITGAPPS FLAME


• Included MiuiCamera

• Updated blobs from MIUI V12.0.1.0.RCOCNXM

• Updated graphics/sensors/DSP to LA.UM.9.11.r1-02800

• Updated various configs from stock

• Switched to qcom power hal + perf hal boosting

• Display dying under heat should be fixed

• Increase gps batch size for faster fix

• Switched to pixel offline charger animation

• Further smoothen notch cutout

• Merged LA.UM.9.1.r1-08600-SMxxx0.0 and v4.14.221 in kernel

• Added wireguard support

• Made notch cutout wider.

• Reduced touchscreen, GPU and CPU latency

• Misc optimizations and fixes

How To Install

  • Download the Rom from the link below.
  • Reboot your device into any installed custom recovery.
  • Wipe everything except internal storage and sd card.
  • Go to install and flash downloaded Rom.
  • Flash this zip if want to decrypt storage.
  • Reboot and enjoy.


Download Corvus OS v14.5 Mutate for Redmi Note 8/8T

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