Download Cool X-ray wallpapers for iPhone and Apple Watch


It’s interesting to see the inner workings of technology that is an inevitable part of our lives. The folks over at iFixit are taking a peek with their unique X-ray wallpapers for the iPhone and Apple Watch. These dark wallpapers let you see inside the iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max, as well as the Apple Watch Series 7.

These give your device a unique look and are sure to please the geek in you. Check out the images below and click on the links to download Teardown and X-Ray wallpaper for your iPhone or Apple Watch.

1. iPhone 14 Pro Max

Download Teardown: Light | Dark

Download X-ray: Light | Dark

2. iPhone 14 Pro

Download Teardown: Light | Dark

3. iPhone 14

Download Teardown: Light | Dark

Download X-ray: Light | Dark

4. iPhone 13

The teardown looks pretty boring but the iPhone 13 X-ray sure looks cool. What do you think?

iphone 13 teardown wallpaper

DownloadTeardown | X-ray

5. iPhone 13 Mini

Can you notice the subtle differences in the teardown and X-ray wallpaper of Apple’s most compact iPhone 13 series device?

iphone 13 mini teardown wallpaper

DownloadTeardown | X-ray

6. iPhone 13 Pro

I love those three rings denoting the camera setup in this iPhone 13 Pro X-ray wallpaper.

iphone 13 pro teardown wallpaper

DownloadTeardown | X-ray

7. iPhone 13 Pro Max

Lastly, here’s the teardown of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the X-ray iOS wallpaper. Pretty cool!

iphone 13 pro max teardown wallpaper

DownloadTeardown | X-ray

8. Apple Watch Series 7

apple watch series 7 xray wallpaper

Download X-ray

What do you think of these cool X-ray wallpapers for iPhone and Apple Watch? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this with fellow Apple fans.

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