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Date:October 16, 2021

Download BitGApps for Android | Minimal and Optimized


An open-source project started with the goal of having a google apps package with minimal install. Minimal, but still provide proper Google Services functionality. BiTGApps build does not comes in several variants like other google apps packages. It comes in one variant only, The Minimal. The main purpose of this project is providing a custom GApps package that is optimized, manually tweaked, perfectly balanced and has no bloats at all. Simplicity, but straight to the point is what BiTGApps all about.




List of packages supported by BiTGApps

This list is unified across supported Android Versions

	• Facelock
	• GoogleBackupTransport
	• GoogleRestore
	• GoogleSetupWizard
	• GoogleLoginService
	• GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter
	• GoogleContactsSyncAdapter
	• GoogleExtShared
	• MarkupGoogle
	• SoundPickerPrebuilt
	• ConfigUpdater
	• GoogleExtServices
	• GoogleLoginService
	• GoogleServicesFramework
	• Phonesky
	• PrebuiltGmsCore
	• GoogleDialerFramework
	• GoogleMapsFramework
	• GoogleMediaEffectsFramework

Addon Packages

• Google Assistant
• Wellbeing

Android Version Support

• Android Q (10.0.0)
• Android Pie (9.0.0)
• Android Oreo (8.1.0)
• Android Nougat (7.1.2)

Android Platform Support

• ARM64

Android Platform ARM
Support Android Versions

• Android Q
• Android Pie

Android Platform ARM64
Support Android Versions

• Android Q
• Android Pie
• Android Oreo
• Android Nougat


• Minimal build size in between 67MB – 80MB.
• Optimized APK files.
• Safetynet Patch.
• Disable Privileged App permission.
• Enable Battery Optimization for all GApps.
• Latest Sqlite binary built from source.
• Latest Zipalign binary built from source.
• Check Additional Optimizations for more.

Additional Optimizations

• APK optimization through Zipalign Tool.
• Application database optimization though Sqlite tool.

General Information

The very minimal build size and additional features makes it different from other GApps projects. BiTGApps build does not ship with backup script or dirty flash script. You need to manually flash BiTGApps after dirty flashing ROM. Require clean flash installation, if other GApps package is installed.

Config Installation

Installation from config file is completely optional. If you do not want to install neither SetupWizard nor Safetynet Patch, skip this step. If you are using any config file, place config file and BiTGApps build in internal storage only.


To install SetupWizard components the config file (i.e; setup-config.prop) must be placed in internal storage before installing BiTGApps build, but not in any folder.

Safetynet Patch

To install Safetynet Patch the config file (i.e; cts-config.prop) must be placed in internal storage before installing BiTGApps build but not in any folder.

Note : Safetynet Patch is experimental. It may or may not work for you. Some devices may ended up in a bootloop after using Safetynet Patch. If bootloop happens, reboot to recovery delete cts-config.prop. Install ROM and BiTGApps again.

Optimize For Battery

Follow below step for optimizing GApps in Pie ROMs. Only Pie ROMs need this step.
Terminal Emulator app required.

su -c


• Installation failed !
Grab failed installation log file which is placed in root of your device internal storage.
• bitgapps_debug_failed_logs.tar.gz




SetupWizard Config

• setup-config.prop

Safetynet Config

• cts-config.prop

Source : XDA

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