Download Awesome Wallpapers For All Android Phone (FHD+)


In this weekly roundup, we’ll give you a handful of Android wallpapers that you can download and use on your phone, tablet, or your laptop/PC. Photos will come from the folks here at as well as our readers. All are free to use and come without watermarks. File formats are JPG and PNG, and we’ll provide images in both landscape and portrait modes, so they’ll be optimized for different screens.
For the latest murals, as well as all murals from previous weeks, check out this drive link. Want to submit yours? Scroll to the bottom of this article.

Wallpapers For All Android Phone

Another week, another set of perfect Android wallpapers if you want to share! Remember that we are constantly looking for submissions from our readers. Scroll right to the bottom of this text to find out how one or all your photos can be featured on Wednesday’s wallpaper!

We have been given 3 great images by our readers as a way to make your phone, tablet or PC look great. As usual, we also have some pictures from the Betamods team.

First up, we have a complete picture of a missing antique automobile in Ruby Valley, NV, courtesy of reader Becky Burke. Next, we have a shot of some hot coals in the stove from reader Justin Dufferin. Believe it or not, Justin shot it with the brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max! Finally, we have a wonderful photo graph of some roadside plants from reader Ryan Kondo. Thanks for your submissions, everyone!

From Betamods, we have a minimalist graphic of a giant ship in fog, courtesy of Edgar Cervantes. We also have a wonderful photo of some graffiti artwork taken with the help of Rita Al Khoury. Finally, we have a stunning aerial photo of Dubai from Calvin Wankhede.

Note: Below are preview images of wallpapers and are for representation only. . The preview is not in original quality, so please do not download from the images. Please use the download link provided in the download section below.

Wallpapers Preview

Download Awesome Wallpapers For All Android Phone

If you are looking for some new wallpapers for your phone, you can try New Wallpapers. You can easily get high resolution images from the links below. You can use Google Drive.

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