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Date:October 26, 2021

Download Apple iOS 14.2 wallpapers

Apple just released a new software update to all the iPhones and iPads with build iOS 14.1. The smartphone manufacturer announced iOS 14 firmware recent developer’s conference event called WWDC 20. iOS 14 packs many new and exciting features such as widgets on homescreen, Picture-in-Picture mode support, and much more. At the same time, Apple is beta testing iOS 14.2 update. It brings new wallpapers to the table. Download them here!

Today, Apple released a new iOS 14.2 beta update via their developer program. This means it is only available to those enrolled into the beta program. While you can test out the new iOS 14.2 firmware right now, here are all the iOS 14.2 wallpapers that it brings.

iOS 14.2 features some new wallpapers on top of the existing ones. This makes a total of 15 stock wallpapers in iOS. Mind you that these are separate from the stock iPhone wallpapers. So different devices will have different stock wallpapers as well as the new iOS 14 wallpapers. Download them all here!

Checkout the new iOS 14.2 wallpapers from iDeviceHelp:

Download iOS 14.2 wallpapers

A new set of Apple iOS 14.2 wallpapers are now available for download. Thanks to iDeviceHelp for extracting the stunning wallpapers. As shown in the video, the list contains several wallpapers. We have also added And sure enough, the wallpaper is now available for download!

Note that the first link contains .heic file formats. So they may only work with Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, Mac Books, and iMacs. You can still try it on Android or Windows OS. We have also added some iOS 14.2 wallpaper mods below in JPG file format for all devices.


iOS 14.2 wallpapers mods by AR7:

Download iOS 14.2 wallpaper mods | Google Drive link

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