Download Android 13 for Pixel Phones (Stable)


It all started with the first Android 13 developer preview in February this year. And later another developer preview was released before the public beta. There have been four major Android 13 public betas leading up to the stable update. Stable Android 13 is now official. Google announced stable android 13 update for Pixel 4 and new Pixel phones. If you have a supported Pixel phone, you can download Android 13 factory image and OTA image to skip the waiting time.

Operating systems for mobile devices are improving day by day. And, when an OS like Android has a huge market share globally, its users want to see key features like security and privacy as a reason to adopt the OS. Google has and continues to have essential security and privacy features in its OS.

Google introduced Android 13 at the Google I/O event. As usual, Google shared a roadmap for the upcoming Android 13 a long time ago. And according to the roadmap, Google officially launched the Android 13 beta build to the public in April. Later Google released Android 13 Beta 2, Android 13 Beta 3, and Android 13 Beta 4. And after long testing, stable Android 13 is live for Pixel phones. Here you can download Android 13 for Pixel phones.

Update: Google has finally released the stable Android 13 for Pixel devices. This means that if you have an eligible Pixel phone, you can enjoy Android 13 features right away. Download links have been updated for Android 13 Stable.

Android 13 focuses on security and privacy features with a new PhotoPacker (which will eventually be available for devices running Android 11 and up). There are also improvements to new Material You UI designs, the ability to change the language of any app, and even themed icons that adjust to a system-wide dark mode or light mode selection.

android 13 developer preview

Download Android 13 for Pixel Phones

One of the great things about owning an Android device, and especially a Google Pixel device, is that you can easily access developer preview builds that can be sideloaded onto your compatible device.

Developer previews are the first early and unstable builds of Android 13. Slowly within two months of the release of the developer preview, the beta version of Android 13 is now rolling out. And finally, after the 4 beta releases, the stable version of the OS will be released globally. The stable Android 13 is finally out.

Before you start downloading the Android 13 update, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

DeviceFactory ImageOTA Image
Pixel 4DownloadDownload
Pixel 4 XLDownloadDownload
Pixel 4aDownloadDownload
Pixel 4a 5GDownloadDownload
Pixel 5DownloadDownload
Pixel 5aDownloadDownload
Pixel 6DownloadDownload
Pixel 6 ProDownloadDownload
Pixel 6aDownloadDownload
  • Make a backup of all your data that is present on your device to either a cloud storage service like Google Drive or to your PC.
  • All of your data will be erased when you are sideloading the developer preview.
  • None of the builds mentioned below are stable. There can be bugs that range from minor issues to ones that could be unbearable.
  • Keep a copy of the latest stable version of Android for your device available. You might need to roll back to it if things go bad.
  • Beta is available only for Google Pixel devices starting from Pixel 4 and all the devices released including the Pixel 6 Pro.

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