Download and Install Google Stadia on your Android TV, Android Box, Phones and Tablets

Google recently introduced a revolutionary gaming service called Stadia. It is like the Netflix for games. Users across the globe can play games like they are streaming a video. With Google Stadia, the game is never on your system, but instead is installed on a remote server (Google cloud). This way there are no hardware restrictions and you can play game from almost any screen including your smartphones, desktops, laptop browsers, Chrome OS tablets, Android TVs or Boxes via chromecast, and even your favorite (HID compliant) USB supported controller, mouse, and keyboards. We already have the latest Google Stadia APK for several Android phones. Here we will show you how to run Google Stadia on your Android TV, Android Box, and more.

While you can readily play Stadia games on Android phones and tablets, support for Android TV and Android Box is limited. So here is a trick you can use to bypass this and play all Google Stadia games on any Android devices including TVs, Boxes, or any display with Chromecast support; if you have a subscription. Thanks to Reddit user u/titooo7 for bringing this simple trick that will enable you to cast and play Stadia games right on your Android TV and Android Box. This has been tested working on multiple Android TVs including Nvidia Shield, Sony 4k Android TV, Sony Bravia 2019 model, Xiaomi Mi TV 4 series, Philips Ambilight Android TV, and many more. Google Stadia even works on Android Boxes like Mi Box S, Mi Box 3, and more.

Here is a good video to answer your question “What is Stadia?”

How to play Google Stadia games on any Android TV, Box, Phone, Tablet?

You can directly sign up from various platforms including:

  • Go to and register for a free Pro subscription.
  • Download latest Google Stadia APK on Android phone from here.
  • For smartphones and tablets, you can directly start playing.
  • As for your Android TV or Android Box,
    • Go to Settings > Apps > Show system apps > See all apps > Show system apps and select “Chromecast Android Shell”.
    • Proceed to Force Stop, Clear Cache & Clear Data.
    • Restart your Android TV once.
    • From your Android phone, close the Stadia app if it’s still running
    • Launch the app again and you should see your Android TV or Box
    • Now “Choose where to play” devices.

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