Download American Psycho wallpapers for iPhone


Whether you’ve seen this cult classic or not, if you’re a netizen, it’s hard to stay away from the popularity of American Psycho. Be it for the memes, Christian Bale’s performance, or the storyline, the film has managed to stay in the headlines long after its release.

1. American Psycho digital art iPhone wallpaper

A digital art wallpaper of American Psycho made

Initially, the film was planned to be shot in black and white and rated X to make it as graphic as its source material. Unfortunately, or fortunately (if you’re not a fan of violence, irony), the idea wasn’t greenlit.

But with this wallpaper, you can imagine what it feels like to watch a movie in unison. So what are you waiting for? Download the wallpaper from the link below.


2. Christian Bale minimalist wallpaper for iPhone

Christian Bale minimalist wallpaper with pink and blue color

There is no doubt that Christian Bale is an exceptional actor, and to get into the skin of the character, he goes above and beyond.

Playing Patrick Bateman, Christian Bale visits Brett Aston Ellis, author of the novel based on the film. Bell was so much in the role that the writer got scared and asked the actor to step out of the role.


3. Patrick Bateman wallpaper

Patrick Bateman wallpaper for iPhone

For starters, Patrick Bateman is a character with a lot of mental issues. When news broke that Christian Bale would be reprising the role on the big screen, the actor was warned that portraying the role could negatively affect his mental space.

Thankfully, all those caveats only made Bell excited for the role. How good must it have felt to pull off the role under such pressure? If you like it, I am sure you will also like this cool wallpaper of Patrick Bateman.


4. American Psycho screaming wallpaper for iPhone

American Psycho screaming

It’s time to scream like Patrick Batman! Why? Because there was talk of casting Leonardo DiCaprio instead of Christian Bale in American Psycho.

While he is an amazing actor and was best known for his role as Titanic, according to director Mary Harvin, DiCaprio was not suited for the role. She was not ready to work with DiCaprio. Thankfully, things worked out, and the film was assigned to Bell, and the rest was history.


5. American Psycho movie poster wallpaper

American Psycho movie poster holding knife

There is no doubt that Christian Bale was the perfect cast for American Psycho. But his journey to get that body was not easy. To achieve this look, she had to work out with a trainer three hours a day, six days a week.

This was just the beginning of the actor’s commitment to body transformation. Later, we see Bale lose 63 pounds to play an insomniac in 2004’s The Machinist. When it comes to looking the part, hardly anyone is as good as Christian Bale.


6. Christian Bale psycho smile wallpaper

Christian Bale psycho smiling holding a CD drive

Since Bale has already played Batman, there is almost no chance that he will play the Joker. But check out the actor’s psycho smile from a scene in American Psycho. You can clearly understand what it takes to be a Joker.


7. American Psycho red aesthetic wallpaper

American Psycho face coverver with red color and finger on his lip

American Psycho is a horror thriller with a lot of gore. And if you’re a fan of red (not color and blood), you need to check out this wallpaper. But did you know that instead of being an R-rated movie, this movie could have been an NC-17 movie?

Because of the scene between Batman and the prostitutes, the film was about to lose its R rating. To preserve it, director Haroon had to cut 18 seconds of the scene. Imagine calling the movie an NC-17 movie instead of R-rated!


8. Patrick Bateman face wallpaper

wallpaper showing Patrick Bateman face

Christian Bale has proved to be an excellent actor through countless films. Even if you look at this Christian Bale face wallpaper, you can see countless emotions in his eyes. According to his co-stars, Bell was so capable that he could even control his own sweat glands!

Director Mary Haroon, seeing his perfection and dedication to the role, called him a robot actor.


9. Patrick Bateman holding axe wallpaper

Patrick Bateman holding axe and looking at axe

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll remember the scene where Patrick kills Paul Allen. Then you also noticed that only half of Patrick’s face was covered in blood. Well, did you know that this was not a planned move? Well, it was one of those happy accidents on set.

And because of this, we can see the difference between the evil within the character and how the rest of the world sees him. Here is the wallpaper of the scene where the movie takes a major turn.


American Psycho is a great movie, and it’s amazing to see that it’s still gaining traction. Although many users may have heard of the movie because of the memes, it also has amazing performances, a story and some scary scenes. Hope these wallpapers will succeed in impressing your fans.

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