Download All 45 Amazing Vivo Origin OS Ocean System Apps


Vivo Origin OS Ocean was released in China with many features and improvements in system performance and user experience.

So, today in this article, I will share with you Vivo Origin OS Ocean system apps for your Vivo and IQoo phones. Vivo has completely redesigned system apps and added many new features.


All these updated system apps are now available in China, but I am sure they will be launched in other countries soon.

So, if you are interested in downloading all Vivo Origin OS Ocean System apps for your Vivo and iQoo phones, read this article to know how.

So let’s get started.

List of All Vivo Origin OS Ocean System Apps for Download




Download All 45 Vivo Origin OS Ocean System Apps

  1. BBKCalculator.apk
  2. BBKCloud.apk
  3. BBKLauncher2.apk
  4. BBKMusic.apk
  5. BBKTheme.apk
  6. BBKTimer.apk
  7. BBKWeather.apk
  8. BBKWidgetWeather.apk
  9. Compass.apk
  10. CountdownWidget.apk
  11. DeskClock.apk
  12. DesktopStickers.apk
  13. DoubleTimezoneClock.ap
  14. Email.apk
  15. Favorite.apk
  16. Feedback.apk
  17. FindPhone.apk
  18. GameCube.apk
  19. healthwidget.apk
  20. HiBoard.apk
  21. IqooSecure.apk
  22. Jovi Smart Scene.apk
  23. LockScreen.apk
  24. NightPearlUI.apk
  25. PhotoFrameWidget.apk
  26. Settings.apk
  27. SuperCard.apk
  28. SuperPowerSave.apk
  29. TimeManagerWidget.apk
  30. TimerWidget.apk
  31. Vivo-Theme-Store.apk
  32. VivoDreamMusicApp.apk
  33. VivoDreamWeatherApp.apk
  34. VivoGallery.apk
  35. vivogame.apk
  36. VivoMusicWidgetMix.apk
  37. vivoOffice.apk
  38. WidgetCalendar.


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