Best 5 games like GTA for Android under 500 MB


The GTA establishment has been adjusted for the Android stage for some time now, and has demonstrated to be similarly as effective as on consoles and PC. The Android forms of the GTA games have been ported over to cell phones and present an impressive gaming experience for players. There are a few games on Android that are a lot of like GTA, and give the players an alternative if GTA begins feeling stale. In this article, we investigate probably the best GTA-like games on Android.

5 best games like GTA for Android under 500MB

1) Crazy Miami Online

Size: 192MB

2) MadOut2

Size: 413MB

3) Payback 2

Size: 102MB

4) Los Angeles Crimes

Size: 315MB

5) Six-Guns: Gangs Showdown

Size: 433MB