7 Best Battlefield Games to Play on PC 2022


First-person shooter games are popular. But, if we draw the line at a particular series, it has to be on the battlefield. There are many games under this series which started in 2002 and the latest one which was recently released in 2021. So far, the series has 12 major games and a ton of expansion packs. The games were developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Games are available to play on Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. Today, we’ll just list the best battlefield games.

Now, like many game series, not every game is perfect. Some perform exceptionally well, while others are not loved at all. There are various reasons why certain games are so popular or hated. Many factors determine this. If the game lacks basic features, or bugs and bugs aren’t being fixed, or for that matter, nothing is being done about hackers and fraudsters. With all of these things in mind with the game’s current player base, let’s take a look at some of the best battlefield games to date.

Battlefield 3

Sure enough, there are a lot of Battlefield games out there. But, the best one among them all has to be Battlefield 3. Released back in 2011 this was a game that everyone loved and enjoyed. It let you choose among 4 player classes and has a ton of unlockable stuff. The best part about it is the multiplayer mode.

You get to play in almost 29 different maps with your friends. Also, if you purchased the premium version you would get an additional 20 more maps, new weapons, and even vehicles. While the game is still available for purchase, it is recommended for PC players to purchase the game via Origin instead of the Steam client as there are launching issues via Steam.

Store: Origin

Battlefield 5

This is a game that people debate about whether it is good or not. But people have realized that it’s quite a good game. At least better than what Battlefield 2042 has to offer. Even though the game takes place during the World War 2 era, it missed a few elements. However, the campaign mode was quite interesting through War Stories.

If you take a look at the player count of the game, it is quite high, only because Battlefield 2042 simply didn’t meet a lot of requirements and is a disappointment for many. Battlefield 5 however, has a lot of hackers and cheaters, so the chances of playing the game in peace are almost none.

Store: SteamOrigin

Battlefield 4

Looking back at battlefield 4, there are a lot of things to talk about. First off, there was the new mode called Obliteration Mode. This was a mode you could play online where you have to fight to take control of the bomb and then use it to destroy the enemy team. The game had great damage dynamics. From blowing up multiple buildings to causing a flood on the streets, the game had it all.

The game also lets you play in a 64 player online mode for PC, Xbox One, and the PS4. If you have the premium version of the game, then you would be enjoying a ton of ore maps, extensions packs, and even personalization options. While it might be difficult to find an online lobby, the campaign mode is good enough to enjoy.

Store: OriginSteam

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 was released back n 2016 and was the winner of several awards. Now, if a particular game wins awards for the year, you already know how good it is. The campaign mode along with the online multiplayer mode outshone any battlefield game that was ever released. It went to become better than Battlefield 5.

Battlefield 1 takes place during the World War 1 era meaning that you could play in different cities. From the French ones to Arabian deserts, you could fight anywhere. The game also brought in many destructible environments and also the ever-changing climate and weather systems. It also brought in a new first-ever Operation mode that could be played via the online multiplayer mode that lets you play with 64 players in total.

Store: OriginSteam

Battlefield 2042

Even though this is a fairly new game, it simply doesn’t need to be on the top. The games launch and other issues have plagued the game so hard that, people are resorting to enjoying older battlefield games over the new one. While the new game modes bring in a lot of new features, modes as well a dive into the future, not everyone likes it.

The main issue here is the fact that battlefield 2042 has no campaign mode. With this game being a wholly multiplayer experience, It’s tough to say that the game flows well right after Battlefield 5. The game still hasn’t reached a huge number of players as of now, and it might take a while after the developers decide to fix the broken stuff.

Store: OriginSteam

Battlefield Hardline

Now, if you see, most of the Battlefield games out there involved the military and the regular war-related stuff. In Hardline, you get to play a cop vs robbers type of game. You choose to be the robber who performs a heist at the bank, and you need to escape from the police. Which then turns into a high-speed police chase.

The fun begins in the multiplayer mode where you can play 63 other players get to have a ton of fun with various cops and robbers game modes. You need to realize that the game came out in 2015, so do not expect to have high hopes on the graphics side of things. Since Battlefield 2042 turned into a terrible show, players have decided it’s better to enjoy Hardline because why not. Hardline was not a fan favorite, but thanks to the latest game going downhill, it goes on without saying, old is gold.

Store: OriginSteam

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This was the game that introduced vehicles such as the ATV and the transport helicopters which are now standard in every Battlefield game. The game originally came out in 2010 and for reasons known to everyone, is still being enjoyed to this very day. You can choose to play the single-player mode or squad up and play with 32 other players in the online multiplayer mode.

The game lets you play around through various jungles, cities, and deserts.  Considering that the game is 12 years old, people are still enjoying it as a classic. Also, since it’s an old game, it will easily run on any mid-range modern system with ease.

Store: OriginSteam

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