10 Best Xbox Game Bar Widgets for Windows 11


Windows 11 is about to be the best and most productive OS released by Microsoft. There are always new features in its software lineup. The same can be said about the new Xbox game bar widget. If you want to know how to get these new widgets on Windows 11, you can check out our guide here. Definitely, the default widgets available inside the Xbox game bar app were enough because not everyone was using it, and you also had important widgets like Spotify that were just available. Finally with the inclusion of third-party widgets for the Xbox Gamebar app in Windows 11.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of these new third-party widgets? Well, many of them are quite useful and you will be very grateful to have these special widgets on your Windows 11 PC. While the main Xbox game bar app is free, you need to keep in mind that there are free as well as paid widgets that you can install. Read on for a list of the best widgets for the Xbox game bar in Windows 11.

Best Xbox Game Bar Widgets for Windows 11

1. CORSAIR iCUE Game Bar Widgets

Now, this particular widget s for all those gamers who have built up custom gaming rigs with hardware from CORSAIR. Whether they are keyboards, mice, RAM sticks, CPU Coolers, Fans, etc. Whatever hardware from CORSAIR comes with the RGB Lighting and supports the iCUE software, this particular widget is for you. Maybe you could be racing along in Forza Horizon 4 and want to change your PC’s RGB lighting scheme? Simply install this widget and press the Windows and G keys to bring the widget on-screen and adjust those lights. You will need to have the CORSAIR iCUE software installed and updated to the latest version for this.

best xbox game bar widgets for windows 11

2. Crosshair X

There are a lot of people who play games like CS: GO, Valorant, Fortnite, and tons of other games similar to these. The most common thing among all these games is of course guns. And, with guns, come the crosshair. Many games let you customize and adjust your crosshair within the game. With this particular widget, you set up a permanent crosshair on your screen and can adjust a few properties such as the lines, center dot, and opacity. Why would anyone want this widget? It can be useful for those who just cannot seem to see the in-game crosshair properly. This is a desktop app that has to be installed to make use of the Crosshair X Extension widget

best xbox game bar widgets for windows 11

3. Razer Cortex

Almost everyone who would be using the Xbox Game Bar would be running a good gaming spec rig. A rig that performs quite well and doesn’t give up when under heavy loads. Now, Razer, the same brand that makes gaming laptops and peripherals, has released new software and a beta widget for the Xbox Game Bar. Introducing the all-new Razer Cortex. This is a program and a widget that helps to boost your PC’s performance. It ranges from clearing up RAM and optimizing your system’s performance all around.

best xbox game bar widgets for windows 11

4. EVGA Precision Game Widget

EVGA launched a new Game Bar widget for those who have the EVGA GPUs. Why? Well, as it is with a lot of people looking out to overclock their particular EVGFA GPUs, you would have to exit off the game, make the desired settings and then relaunch the game. Not any more! With this new widget, you can simply install it, launch the widget and make adjustments on the go without having to close the game. You will be able to adjust the max and min clock speeds, fan speeds as well as get live temperature readings right on your desktop without you having to leave your game at all.

best xbox game bar widgets for windows 11

5. Net Speed Game Bar Widget

The title of this widget explains itself right away. Yes, this is a widget that shows you your current net speed on your PC. Wondering whether it’s the game that is having a problem or if it is your internet itself? The Net Speed Game Bar widget will show you what you need. No matter if you use Wifi or an ethernet connection, it will show you the speed  You can adjust the widgets’ color, fonts, and size as well.

best xbox game bar widgets for windows 11

6. Gamecaster Game Bar

The Xbox Game Bar Widgets do have a ton of options. The Gamecaster Game Bar is one of the best examples. This is a widget that lets you stream your game right away to popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, and even YouTube. It works just like any other streaming software that one would normally use. The widget lets you adjust everything. From your muting and unmuting your microphone, checking your subscribers, iterating with the viewers, and simple things such as adding titles and naming your streams.

best xbox game bar widgets for windows 11

7. XSplit Game Bar HUD

Having alternatives for a particular service is always good, as it helps you to choose between what works the best for you. Well, the Widget Store does have alternative streaming widget options. The XSplit Game Bar HUD is a widget that lets you start and manage your stream. It has all the functions of the Gamecaster Game Bar. Try it for yourself and see which one works the best for you.

best xbox game bar widgets for windows 11

8. Game Bar Calculator

This widget is an odd one out there. But hey, you never know when you might want to do some quick calculation for something? Maybe your scores, points, progress? It could be anything. I’m not sure why someone would want to have a calculator widget, but hey, it’s there for those who need it super quick via the Xbox Game Bar Widgets.

best xbox game bar widgets for windows 11

9. Stopwatch Widget for Xbox Game Bar

While the Calculator widget might have been a strange one, having a stopwatch widget might be a more sensible one. It does everything you can expect a stopwatch to do. The widget can be adjusted and set up to any part of the screen. Why would you want to use a stopwatch? Maybe you want to see how long it takes you to complete a story or a mission or maybe you just want to speedrun through all the levels and see how quickly you can finish it all.

best xbox game bar widgets for windows 11

10. Browser for Game Bar

Ever wanted to search for something about a game, like a how-to or a guide for some mission? Well, you no longer need to pull out your phone or minimize your game to launch the browser. The Browser for Game Bar widget does everything a browser does, but without you having to leave your game at all. This browser functions perfectly and has support for shortcuts, full-screens, and even set up shortcuts for URLs.

best xbox game bar widgets for windows 11

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