10 Best Apps To Combine Videos On Android in 2022


Most newer smartphones these days have about two or three cameras. Modern Android smartphones can record amazing videos with excellent frame rates, but still, sometimes we feel the need for a video editing app.

Smartphones aren’t usually shipped with a capable video editing app, but there’s no shortage of them on the Google Play Store. This article will share some Android apps that will help you combine videos on Android. In addition to integrating videos, these video editing apps can help you edit other things.

List of 10 Best Apps To Combine Videos On Android

This article will share the best Android apps that could help you combine videos on Android.

1. KineMaster


Well, KineMaster is probably the best and top-rated video editor and video maker app available for Android smartphones. The great thing about KineMaster is that it offers all kinds of editing tools for professional video editing.

With this app, you can combine multiple layers of videos, photos, special effects, and much more. Yes, it can be used to combine multiple videos. Overall, Coinmaster is a great video editing application for Android.



This is one of the best and advanced video editing app available for Android devices. It was created by the same team behind the in-shot video editor.

If we talk about the features of U-Cut, the app can be used to add cool filters, effects between clips. Not only that but your kit can be used to trim, add, add text or emojis to videos.

3. Filmora Go

Filmora Go

This app is for people who are looking for an easy-to-use and free video editing app for creating videos for social networking platforms and YouTube.

With Filmora Go, you can speed up or slow down any part of the video, add classic transitions like dissolve, wipe, and more. Plus, you can combine, trim, and merge two videos into one with Filmora Go.

4. ActionDirector


This is a complete video editing app available on the Google Play Store which is now being used by millions of users. With ActionDirector, you can record a new video or edit an existing video.

You can even speed up or slow down any part of the video, add text effects, add transition effects, add overlays and filters, and more. Some of ActionDirector’s basic video editing features include trimming, cropping, merging videos, adding soundtracks, and more.

5. Video Merge

Video Merge

As the name suggests, Video Merge is a video editing app that focuses on just one goal – combining multiple videos. It allows users to integrate videos in easy steps. Just select two videos, and the app will merge together.

The app performs background video processing without affecting your device’s performance.

6. VEdit Video Cutter and Merger

VEdit Video Cutter and Merger

Well, if you are looking for a simple and effective solution for cutting and merging videos on Android, then VEdit Video Cutter and Merger might be the best choice for you.

what do you think? Video Cutter is a relatively easy-to-use editing and integration app and has many features. For example, you can merge an unlimited number of video files into one. You can change your audio etc.

7. VMER Video Merger Joiner Free

VMER Video Merger Joiner Free

As the app’s name says, VMER Video Merger Joiner Free is an application that lets you merge multiple videos into one. The good thing about VMER Video Merger Joiner Free is that it supports a wide range of video formats with different frame rates, frame sizes, and audio rates.

Compared to all other applications on the list, VMER Video Merger Joiner Free is much easier to use, and it’s known for its attractive UI.

8. AndroVid


AndroVid is a complete video and photo editing application available on the Google Play Store. AndroVid is easier to use than all other video editing apps.

With AndroVid, you can easily cut videos into sections, merge multiple videos, and more. The app also allows you to add text, music, stickers to the video.

9. Video Editor

Video Editor

This is one of the most advanced video editing app available on the Google Play Store. Android video editing app offers many features like free filters, transition effects, slow-motion effects, and more. It can also be used to cut, merge and split video files.

10. VidTrim – Video Editor

VidTrim - Video Editor

VidTrim is another great app on the list that lets you trim, merge and apply video effects to a specific video. What makes VidTrim more useful is that it can extract audio from any video.

In addition, VidTrim offers some transcoding options such as converting videos to MP4, resizing, or compressing videos.

So, these are the best Android apps for combining videos on Android. Let us know in the comment box below if you know of any other such app. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends too.

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